Rejuvenaging with Dr. Ron Kaiser


The Happiness Hacker: How to Reclaim Your Worth

Ep. 50

There’s so many things that happen in our life that contribute to who we are and who we become – and the series of choices that we make take us down the path we’re on. Therefore, we are responsible for our part in the outcome.

At the end of the day, we all just want to be happy, and learning how to make the best choices and leverage them to find happiness is crucial for our wellbeing. One element that helps us make the best decisions is our capacity of not giving our worth away – and in this special episode, my guest is going to teach us how to master the ability to keep our self-worth along the way.

Alison Donaghey is a happiness hacker and she believes that worthiness is the foundation of everything that we do. We can connect with our worth internally and have a strong foundation in life, or we can connect with it externally and have a foundation that she says, “Is built on sand”.

Life is truly more remarkable when we can learn to reclaim the worth we were born with. Some people may have a hard time being in touch with it, and Alison is the go-to person when it comes to this. She has a background in psychology, criminology, sociology, and probably more important she was a single mom on welfare when she started her business and developed it to the point where she has a tremendous following.

Listen to Episode 50 of Rejuvenaging, to learn the ways in which you can reclaim your worth, a birthright that has a tremendous influence on your ability to thrive in your personal life, as well as in your career.

Some questions I ask:

  • For those who don’t know you yet, how did you get to be who you are? (07:30)
  • What makes you different? (13:05)
  • Is it easier for somebody to reclaim their worth if they’ve had it taken away from them later on, than if they grew up in a household where they were demeaned from the beginning? (15:14)
  • What advice do you have for people that lost their self-worth during this pandemic? (17:20)
  • When do people realize that they need your program? What are they experiencing? (27:29)  
  • Where did the name of your website – – come from? (30:16)

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Alison understood and came to the realization that taking ownership of her life was the only thing that would help her move forward. (10:02)
  • The ways in which people try to get their external worth & How that stops them from being happy. (13:25)
  • How Alison’s painting company empowers people to make their own informed choices. (14:27)
  • A simple hack that helps you reclaim your worth. (16:36)
  • How to figure out your shining light. (21:27)
  • The importance of staying in your own lane when it comes to choices. (22:42)
  • What Alison’s ‘Reclaim Your Worth’ Program can do for you. (25:53)

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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Lifespan vs Healthspan with Dr. Ron Kaiser

Ep. 183
In this episode of the podcast, REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser, Dr. Ron discusses the concept of healthspan and its significance in leading a fulfilling and vibrant life as we age. While the lifespan in the United States has decreased due to factors like the Covid pandemic and the opioid epidemic, Dr. Ron emphasizes the importance of focusing on healthspan, which refers to the period of time a person spends in good health rather than just being alive.He highlights that, for the average person, the healthspan constitutes only about 80% of their lifespan, with the last 20% often marked by dependence on the healthcare system due to illness or limited health. The goal is to extend the healthspan and minimize the time spent in ill health. Dr. Ron mentions that, while genetics and unforeseen circumstances can play a role, lifestyle choices and behaviors have a significant impact on prolonging the healthspan.He presents seven keys to REJUVENAGING, which include maintaining a positive mindset, keeping the brain active through continuous learning and exercise, eating a healthy diet (with a focus on fruits and vegetables), taking care of the body through exercise, adequate sleep, and meditation, staying socially connected, doing good for others, and appreciating the goodness in our lives. Dr. Ron suggests that incorporating these behaviors into daily life can contribute to a longer and healthier healthspan.Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of starting to adopt these practices early in life to maximize their effectiveness. By following these principles, individuals can minimize the gap between lifespan and healthspan, aiming for a life where they are healthy and vibrant until the final days.Dr. Ron encourages listeners to reflect on their own behaviors and consider what they can do to prolong their healthspans. By prioritizing preventive care and focusing on maintaining good health, individuals can reduce reliance on the healthcare system and instead enjoy a longer period of vibrant health.Useful REJUVENAGING® ResourcesWebsite: Dr. Ron Kaiser -Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with EnthusiasmEmail: TEDx Talk: Aging Enthusiastically to Make the World a Better Place
Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Age-Proof Brain: Unlocking Memory, Health, and Cognitive Vitality with Dr. Marc Milstein

Ep. 182
Dr. Ron Kaiser is the host of the podcast REJUVENAGING® with Dr. Ron Kaiser, and in this episode he interviews brain health expert Dr. Marc Milstein. Dr. Milstein has written a book, The Age Proof Brain, which provides strategies to improve memory, protect immunity, and fight off dementia. According to Dr. Milstein, our power to improve brain function lies in the brain's connection with the rest of the body. The book covers topics such as sleep habits and environmental toxins, and offers integrative science-supported strategies to increase memory, fight off depression, improve mood, ignite energy, and even prevent dementia and non-genetic Alzheimer's disease.Dr. Marc Millstein was welcomed to the REJUVENAGING® with Dr. Ron Kaiser podcast to discuss the topic of aging and its effects on cognition. Dr. Millstein has a PhD in biological chemistry and a Bachelor of Science degree in molecular, cellular and developmental biology from UCLA. He discussed how there is an increase in cases of dementia and Alzheimer's due to people living longer and underlying conditions that drive memory loss. He stressed the importance of taking control of these conditions, such as heart health, diabetes, and lifestyle factors, in order to protect one's brain now and in the future.The conversation discussed how to maintain memory health as one ages. It was highlighted that genes are not the only factor when it comes to memory health, and that there are various other areas that need to be taken into consideration. These include sleep, nutrition, stress levels, activity levels, underlying conditions such as cardiovascular health, diabetes, metabolism, and gut health. It was also highlighted that there are treatments available for many of these conditions, and that it is important to optimize them in order to maintain a healthy brain. The conversation includes how memory and brain processing can improve or decline as people age. Multitasking becomes more difficult with age, and this can be a cause for concern. It is important to identify the root cause of memory issues, as they can often be treatable. Dr. Milstein suggests taking extra time to focus on one thing at a time, as our brains tend to forget information that we do not focus on for at least 10 seconds. This can be helpful in preventing people from having difficulty remembering things like where they put their keys or their car. Additionally, he suggests that analytical thinking and the ability to store information can improve with age. Lastly, it was discussed that there are some normal age-related declines that should not be of alarm, such as difficulty in adapting to new technology. In conclusion, there are many steps that can be taken to maintain brain health as one ages.DrMarcMilstein.comFacebookInstagramYouTube
Wednesday, May 17, 2023

"Financial Wellness: Navigating Retirement Challenges and Government Assistance" with John K. Ross

Ep. 181
John K. Ross is a nationally-recognized expert in estate planning, asset protection, and taxation. He runs one of the largest boutique estate planning and asset protection law firms in Texas, covering over 40 counties in Texas and Arkansas. His team helps families with a variety of needs, including designing asset protection strategies for high-risk individuals, helping the elderly protect their life savings from nursing home costs, and developing plans for disabled individuals including special needs trusts. On this episode of Rejuvenating with Dr. Ron Kaiser, John provides his insights and knowledge on how to better manage money and lead a high quality of life for as long as possible.John and Ron discuss the current state of the economy and how it is affecting retirees. They agree that inflation is out of control and that it is hitting retirees hard, as their Social Security checks and pensions do not go as far as they had anticipated. Additionally, many have seen their 401ks and IRAs drop 20-40%, meaning their savings will not last as long. John suggests ways for retirees to be less scared and make it to the end financially, such as budgeting and creating a plan as to what to do if something unexpected happens.This conversation focuses on people of all ages who are facing financial difficulty and explores the potential benefits of government assistance programs. The speaker notes that many people assume they won’t qualify for government assistance programs, but that most of the time these assumptions are unfounded. For those raising a family, a Children’s Health Insurance Program could be a big help in relieving the financial burden of health insurance for young children. For elderly people, food programs through the Area Agencies on Aging could provide much-needed relief on the cost of food. By taking advantage of these programs, people may be able to free up money to put back into savings.People tend to be unaware of the benefits available to them, especially seniors. To start, one can look into their state's Department of Health and Human Services website. Additionally, almost every metropolitan service area has an Area Agency on Aging which specializes in government programs specifically tailored to seniors. These can include meal programs, housing assistance, and other programs where Medicare premiums are paid for by Medicaid. Even a small savings of $160 per month on a Social Security check can make a significant difference for some seniors.Connect with John K Ross REJUVENAGING® ResourcesWebsite: Dr. Ron Kaiser -Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with EnthusiasmEmail: TEDx Talk: Aging Enthusiastically to Make the World a Better Place
Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Making a Difference with Dr. Ruth Backstrom

Ep. 180
We live in a period of intense polarization. It seems like everyone has an opinion about something and there’s no room for it to be swayed. Times like these can be tough and confusing to understand. The lines between right and wrong start to blur and fighting for our convictions can seem like a never-ending, uphill battle.Dr. Ruth Backstrom is an author and speaker who started fighting for what she believed in at a young age. At just 13 years old, she was arrested at a civil rights rally, and ever since then, she’s been fighting to build a new world and a new democracy. Dr. Ruth’s book, Igniting a Bold New Democracy - Empowering Citizens Through Game-Changing Reforms, is a guide to creating a pro-democracy movement and was inspired by broken politics and diminished quality of life in America. Dr, Ruth joins me on the show today to talk about making change and the ways in which we can do it. She breaks down some great examples of democracy working well around the world and shares what can be done in America to move in the right direction. She also gives us a synopsis of what to expect from her book.Tune in to Episode 180 of REJUVENAGING® and let’s change the world with Dr. Ruth Backstrom.Some Questions I Ask:How did you get to be who you are? (14:47)Can you give us a cliff notes version of your book? (17:45)In This Episode, You Will Learn:How Dr. Ruth explains the environment of increasing polarization between individuals in societies today (4:40)How to become engaged in your local communities (9:38)About the idea of collective intelligence (13:12)How Dr. Ruth believes we need to adjust to the current period of transition that we’re in (20:17)ResourcesDr. Ruth’s book: Igniting a Bold New Democracy - Empowering Citizens Through Game-Changing Reforms Center for New Democratic Processes - Citizens' JuryCenter for Wise DemocracyConnect with Dr. Ruth BackstromLinkedInWebsiteUseful REJUVENAGING® ResourcesWebsite: Dr. Ron Kaiser -Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with EnthusiasmEmail: TEDx Talk: Aging Enthusiastically to Make the World a Better Place
Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities with Chris Ruden

Ep. 178
People are different in many ways. We have different views, different tastes, and different ideas about things. However, one commonality most of us share is that we all have that thing. That insecurity that we can’t seem to overcome or get past. It may not always be glaring, but it lives within us, ready to strike at any moment. And when it does, it talks down to us and it makes us feel small and incapable of chasing what we truly want out of life. This was the case for this episode’s guest, Chris Ruden, who used to feel humiliated as an amputee and Type I diabetic living in a non disabled-inclusive world. However, with time, Chris learned how to rise above his fears and see the world without limits. Chris joins me today to discuss his journey to overcoming adversity and how, through his keynote speeches and book, The Upper Hand, he’s dedicated his life to helping others do the same. Tune in to Episode 178 of REJUVENAGING® and start living without limits with Chris Ruden.Some Questions I Ask:What triggered the switch that made you change? (6:09)The advice that you give on stages, and elsewhere, is it specifically aimed at people with disabilities? (15:26)Do you find that major companies are receptive to what you speak about or are there some old biases that need to be overcome? (16:56)In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Chris’ journey to seeing the world without limits (4:20)How Chris was able to change his mindset and his life (9:24)Why Chris chose not to opt for a skin-colored prosthetic arm (13:09)How Chris became a champion powerlifter (21:26)About Chris’ book, The Upper Hand (25:27)ResourcesChris’ book: The Upper HandConnect with Chris RudenWebsiteInstagramYouTubeLinkedInTikTokEmailUseful REJUVENAGING® ResourcesWebsite: Dr. Ron Kaiser -Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with EnthusiasmEmail: TEDx Talk: Aging Enthusiastically to Make the World a Better Place
Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Navigating Relationship Stress with Linda and Charlie Bloom

Ep. 177
No relationship is perfect. Despite what tv shows and movies tell us, it’s normal to have differences, it’s normal to get angry, and it’s normal to go through periods of turbulence. It’s how these periods are handled, however, that is the real indicator as to whether the relationship will survive. Linda and Charlie Bloom are trained psychotherapists and relationship counselors. Married since 1972, Linda and Charlie have lectured throughout the US and conducted seminars across the world on relationships and how to navigate them. On this episode, Linda and Charlie join me to discuss the ideas behind their latest book - An End to Arguing: 101 Valuable Lessons for All Relationships. They break down why arguing can be good, and where it goes bad, and offer a plethora of helpful advice for couples and individuals in all kinds of relationships. Tune in to Episode 177 and start bettering your relationships with Linda and Charlie Bloom.Some Questions I Ask:What do you do when you're not writing a best-selling book? (3:18)Is arguing necessarily bad? (10:17)​​Tell us about the book. What's in it, and why should we want to read it? (16:50)In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Linda and Charlie’s journey as a couple (5:27)About the line that shouldn’t be crossed when expressing your feelings to another person (14:04)When it’s time for a couple to see a couple’s counselor (15:00)What Linda and Charlie would like readers to take away from their book, An End to Arguing: 101 Valuable Lessons for All Relationships (20:57)Linda and Charlie’s advice for new/young couples (23:37)Linda and Charlie’s advice for couples who have fallen into unhealthy habits (28:21)ResourcesLinda and Charlie’s new book - An End to Arguing: 101 Valuable Lessons for All RelationshipsLinda and Charlie’s other books:101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got MarriedThat Which Doesn’t Kill Us: How One Couple Became Stronger at the Broken PlacesHappily Ever After and 39 Other Myths About LoveSecrets of Great MarriagesConnect with Linda and Charlie BloomWebsiteYouTube ChannelFacebookTwitterUseful REJUVENAGING® ResourcesWebsite: Dr. Ron Kaiser -Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with EnthusiasmEmail: 
Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Improving the World through Compassion with Dr. Rick Hanson

Ep. 176
Oftentimes, listening to the news can be difficult. Between wars, famines, climate change, and inequality (to name a few), happenings of the world can start to seem like a never-ending cycle of unfortunate events. It can be deflating to think this way and discouraging to feel like there’s nothing that you can do about it. However, you have more power and influence than you may think, and the spark to light the flame of change could be as simple as… being compassionate.My guest on today’s episode, Dr. Rick Hanson, is a psychologist, Senior Fellow of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and New York Times best-selling author. His latest book, Making Great Relationships, offers practical guidance for developing a positive mindset and improving relationships. Rick joins me on my show today to talk about what compassion can do for the world as well as the Global Compassion Coalition, an organization that he founded that’s focused on creating a compassionate world where people and nature are cared for and thrive. Tune in to Episode 176 of REJUVENAGING® and channel your compassion with Dr. Rick Hanson.Some Questions I Ask:How do you define compassion? (3:12)If an individual wants to join the coalition, how can they do it? (24:03)Why should I, as a listener, join the coalition? What's in it for me and the world? (24:46)In This Episode, You Will Learn:About the aim of the organization Rick founded - The Global Compassion Coalition (8:05)About what leads to the basis of the evolution of altruism (18:19)About Rick’s theory of change (20:35)About some of Rick’s foundational practices (29:39)ResourcesThe Being Well PodcastRick’s Latest Book: Making Great RelationshipsRick’s Other BooksGlobal Compassion CoalitionConnect with Dr. Rick HansonWebsiteTwitterFacebookUseful REJUVENAGING® ResourcesWebsite: Dr. Ron Kaiser -Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with EnthusiasmEmail: TEDx Talk: Aging Enthusiastically to Make the World a Better Place
Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Dietary Supplements; Concerns and Benefits with Dr. Gerald Faich

Ep. 175
The use of dietary supplements is common in the U.S. and there’s evidence to suggest their increase in the past couple of years. Users of dietary supplements presumably view it as a safe and efficient way to meet recommended daily intakes. However, what many don’t know is how loosely regulated some of these supplements are and the real safety concerns associated with them.Dr. Gerald Faich is an M.D. and a Master of Public Health with a career in epidemiology, contract research, and clinical trial and pharmaceutical risk consultancy. He joins me on this episode to discuss dietary supplements, whether they actually work, and what his concerns about them are. Tune in to Episode 175 of REJUVENAGING® and supplement your knowledge with Dr. Gerald Faich.Some Questions I Ask:Can you just tell us a little bit about your journey and why you happened to focus on this area of pharmaceuticals, supplements, drug safety, and so on? (5:52)As soon as it says natural, does that mean it's safe? (28:26)What sources of information are there to help people sort out their questions? (33:05)Is there a logical reason why this industry isn't regulated? (41:46)In This Episode, You Will Learn:What exactly a dietary supplement is (12:13)What Dr. Gerald believes the one value of dietary supplements is (14:55)Some of the supplements Dr. Gerald says are of proven value and proven safety (15:56)One of Dr. Gerald’s biggest concerns about dietary supplements (21:47)The messages Dr. Gerald wants to highlight about dietary supplements (38:29)ResourcesMedlinePlusMayo ClinicNational Institutes of HealthOur sponsor's page and discountsConnect with Dr. Gerald FaichLinkedInUseful REJUVENAGING® ResourcesWebsite: Dr. Ron Kaiser -Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with EnthusiasmEmail: TEDx Talk: Aging Enthusiastically to Make the World a Better Place