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Rejuvenaging with Dr. Ron Kaiser

Nada Hogan: Finding Strength After Experiencing Loss

Ep. 7

How do you move forward from loss? 

At some point in our lives, we all experience the loss of a loved one. Even if you have the time to prepare your heart and mind, it’s difficult to ever really feel prepared for such a tragic experience. 

In this episode, Nada Hogan shares her own story of loss: her daughter. During a time of absolute desperation in her life, she lost her daughter in a tragic accident. Throughout that experience, she found new passions and a way to create a platform to help others through the loss of a loved one. Now, Nada enthusiastically teaches how to navigate through the pain and immobilization from the loss of a loved one, how to access your body’s wisdom, and how to head back into the world boldly and enthusiastically. 

So tune in to learn how to live an audaciously succulent life after experiencing loss. 

Some Questions I Ask: 

  • Tell us about the loss of your daughter and how you’ve managed to respond to it. (3:50)
  • How did you decide to turn your experience into a platform for helping others? (11:41)
  • How can someone deal with the loss of a loved one? (18:04)
  • How did you get to where you are today? (22:36)
  • What do you do for fun? (28:00)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • How Nada found her inner strength after experiencing trauma. (10:15)
  • Why Nada decided to pursue acupuncture and transformational coaching. (13:48)
  • About the difference between having prepared for the death of a loved one and feeling prepared for that loss. (16:42)
  • Why Nada experiences fulfillment through her work. (26:48)
  • How to connect with Nada. (30:35)

Connect with Nada Hogan: 





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    The podcast "REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser" welcomed Alexandra Arnold, a climate coach and graduate from the Climate Change Coaches Training Program. Dr. Ron Kaiser was intrigued by climate coaching due to the increasing anxiety and concerns people have about climate change, something he hadn't encountered in his work until recently. Alex shared her journey into climate coaching, explaining that it combines her passion for the environment with her coaching skills rooted in positive psychology.Alex's interest in climate coaching was sparked when she realized that she didn't have to conform to traditional climate activism but could leverage her strengths and values to make a different type of meaningful contribution. She discovered the Climate Coaching Alliance, became a member, and enrolled in a climate change coach training program.Dr. Ron asked about the specific role of a climate change coach. Alex explained that climate coaches support individuals and organizations in various ways, such as:Helping activists deal with burnout and emotional responses to climate change.Assisting people in processing complex emotions related to climate change, including anxiety, despair, and grief.Collaboratively exploring clients' strengths, values, and areas of interest for taking climate action.Shifting mindsets to promote resilience and adaptability in the face of climate-related uncertainty.Alex noted that climate anxiety is a complex issue with no easy answers. People can be jolted into awareness by climate-related events like floods or storms. However, the emotional responses to climate change are diverse and multifaceted, making it challenging to generalize. People may experience sadness, despair, hopelessness, shame, guilt, fear and grief in regard to climate change, in addition to anxiety - and each new event can have an additive emotional effect.The discussion concluded with an exploration of how some individuals respond to climate anxiety by becoming advocates or participating in climate-focused organizations. Alex emphasized that these individuals may experience post-traumatic growth, using their concerns as motivation for proactive engagement in climate action. Climate coaching helps individuals navigate their unique emotional responses and find ways to contribute positively to the cause.Visit Alexandra Arnold Dr. Ron at
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    In this podcast episode of the REJUVENAGING® with Dr. Ron Kaiser podcast, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon discusses her unique approach to optimizing muscle health and aging well through a strategy that combines nutrition, fitness, and self-help principles. The concept Dr. Lyon introduces is "muscle-centric medicine," emphasizing the critical role of skeletal muscle in overall health and well-being. She highlights that muscle is often overlooked in preventative medicine and explains how it functions as an organ system within the body. Dr. Lyon believes that healthy skeletal muscle is essential for aging gracefully and maintaining mobility.Dr. Lyon’s background includes training in nutritional sciences, board certification in family medicine, and fellowship training in nutritional sciences, making her extraordinarily well-equipped to address the topic of aging and muscle health. She shares her journey of discovery during her fellowship in geriatrics and nutritional sciences, where she observed a common thread among her patients—their health issues were often linked to inadequate skeletal muscle mass rather than obesity. This insight led to the development of her unique perspective on muscle-centric medicine.Dr. Lyon acknowledges the absence of a standardized measurement for optimal skeletal muscle mass, making it challenging for individuals to determine their own muscle health accurately. She emphasizes the importance of strength, mobility, and metabolic markers in assessing muscle health.The conversation underscores the importance of resistance training and strength-building exercises in aging well, as these activities contribute to maintaining metabolic health and functional independence.Overall, the interview with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon provides valuable insights into the often-overlooked role of skeletal muscle in healthy aging and offers guidance on how individuals can improve their muscle health for a more vibrant and energetic life.Connect with Dr. Ron at
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    This week, we welcome Michael O'Brien as our guest on the REJUVENAGING® with Dr. Ron Kaiser podcast. Michael wears many hats, including being a meditation teacher, executive coach, endurance athlete, and the mastermind behind the "Pause, Breathe, Reflect" meditation and gratitude app – a valuable tool for personal growth.Michael's story takes an extraordinary turn when he shares his experience of surviving a devastating cycling accident, an event he refers to as his "last bad day." His resilience is awe-inspiring, as he not only recovered but also subsequently pursued  challenging long-distance bike rides, including one across America and another across New York State..What is particularly inspirational about Michael is his ability to harness the power of mindfulness and meditation to help people achieve their most ambitious goals. In this episode, Dr. Ron delves deep into Michael's unique journey, uncovering the driving force behind his diverse career path.Whether you're interested in mindfulness, meditation, or seeking motivation to overcome adversity, this conversation is packed with valuable insights and practical advice. Tune in to learn how to conquer life's challenges and infuse your daily existence with mindfulness and enthusiasm.Connect with Michael here:
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    In this episode of "Rejuvenaging with Dr. Ron Kaiser,"  Dr. Ron discusses the concept of "The Continuum of Living." This is a solo episode rather than his more typical format of interviewing a guest.  He aims to challenge the traditional notion of life stages and encourages listeners to see life as an ongoing continuum. Here are the key takeaways from the podcast:The Continuum of Living: Dr. Ron introduces the idea of viewing life as a continuum rather than dividing it into distinct stages. He believes that compartmentalizing life into stages can lead to missed opportunities for growth and well-being.Breaking Down Age-Related Barriers: Dr. Kaiser discusses how society often assigns specific tasks and expectations to different age groups, which can limit personal development. He emphasizes that certain healthy habits, such as learning, exercise, and social engagement, should not be exclusive to any age group.Lifelong Learning: He stresses the importance of lifelong learning, especially in an era of rapid technological advancements. Continuously acquiring new knowledge and skills can help individuals adapt to changing circumstances and stay mentally sharp.Physical Health and Nutrition: Dr. Ron highlights the significance of maintaining physical health and a balanced diet throughout one's life. Neglecting these aspects in earlier years can lead to health problems in later life.Social Engagement: Maintaining social connections is crucial for emotional well-being and longevity. Loneliness can be detrimental to health, especially in the later years of life.Building Blocks of Life: he encourages listeners to see each life stage as a building block that contributes to the next stage. This perspective promotes a sense of continuity and a commitment to personal growth throughout life.A Healthy and Happy Life: The podcast concludes with the idea that viewing life as a continuum, rather than distinct stages, can lead to a longer, happier, and more productive life. Dr. Kaiser invites listeners to become advocates for this perspective and to share it with others.In summary, "The Continuum of Living" podcast episode by Dr. Ron Kaiser encourages listeners to embrace a holistic, lifelong approach to personal growth, health, and happiness. By breaking down age-related barriers and adopting a mindset of continuous development, individuals can lead more fulfilling lives and inspire future generations to do the same.Check Dr. Ron's Website:
  • Rick Olderman Replay

    This is a special replay of an episode from the REJUVENAGING WITH DR. RON KAISER podcast Hall of Fame, first posted on November 1st 2022According to the CDC, in 2016, 20.4% of the US population reported experiencing some type of chronic pain. As one of the most common reasons adults seek medical care, chronic pain has been known to have a domino-like effect, leading to other problems such as depression, opioid dependency, and an overall decrease in quality of life. So, if you are part of the 20.4%, what can be done to manage your pain? One great solution is physical therapy. My guest today, Rick Olderman, is a physical therapist, author, trainer, and pilates instructor. He started his career in physical therapy in 1996 and soon realized that the traditional physical therapy approaches that he had learned in school had not prepared him to adequately treat patients with chronic pain. Rick has spent years developing a pioneering approach to physical therapy treatment. In this episode, Rick and I discuss what chronic pain is, what leads to it, and what can be done to alleviate it.Tune in to Episode 160 of REJUVENAGING® and let’s talk pain with Rick Olderman.Some Questions I Ask:Can you give us the Cliff Notes version of what a physical therapist does? (4:16)What underlies your approach to treatment? (8:22)Is there a preferred sleeping position? (16:43)Is back pain a pretty common problem? (21:12)Are there general principles that you can tell people that they should be doing to increase the chances of not seeing you more than we have to? (28:17)In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why Rick says his specialty in chronic pain wasn’t by choice (5:13)Why 80-90% of the US population experience chronic pain (5:56)What heightens back pain in 99% of people who experience it (15:57)How to think about your chronic pain (16:35)Why Rick didn’t use passive modalities at his clinic (23:29)Rick’s guidance on figuring out where to seek help when experiencing pain (26:49)ResourcesRick Olderman’s book series: Fixing YouRick Olderman’s new book: Solving the Pain PuzzleRick Olderman’s podcastRick Olderman’s YouTube ChannelConnect with Rick OldermanWebsiteFacebookLinkedIn
  • Marie Zoutomou-Quintanilla Replay

    This is a special replay of an episode from the REJUVENAGING WITH DR. RON KAISER podcast Hall of Fame, first posted on June 16th 2020Maintaining a positive mindset in times of adversity can seem impossible to some, especially when they feel their life is slipping through their fingers. But having faith and believing that all the hard lessons have a scope and a meaning, and visualizing what’s on the other side of the struggle can really help with overcoming almost anything.Today, I have a real hero with me, Marie Zoutomou-Quintanilla – a cancer survivor that has become a blessing to others. We discuss how she managed to win her fight against disease, what she’s doing now to help others that go through similar experiences, and the importance of choosing self-care first and foremost.Marie is the epitome of perseverance and determination. As a teenager, she moved to the US from West Africa - unable to speak, read, or write in English. She dabbled in entrepreneurship as a teenager by selling cookies she baked herself, and eventually, she enrolled at the University of Phoenix, ready to pursue the dream of owning her own business.Marie turned adversity into action when, at the age of 31, she received the unexpected news of having Stage Three Breast Cancer. She had a difficult time accepting the diagnosis, especially because she knew she had led a healthy lifestyle, and the cancer was not genetic, but that didn’t stop her to keep pursuing her dreams.According to her, God gave her another chance to life, and now, years later, she’s a tremendous motivational speaker, a volunteer – raising money every day for different cancer projects – and most important to her, she’s a mother of a healthy three-year-old girl. As another way of giving to others, Marie wrote the book “You Are Being Tested” in the hope that people dealing with cancer can be motivated to not throw their gloves, yet.Listen to Episode 41 of Rejuvenaging, to find out more about how her positive mindset, her fierce determination, and commitment to her goals have helped Marie become a real inspiration for anyone, regardless of what they’re going through.  Questions I ask:Why did you move from West Africa to the US, as a teenager? (04:57)Where did the interest in business come from, at such an early age? (05:56)How did you use positivity to deal with cancer and to become resilient as you did? (06:43)What about the author part of you? What have you written? (17:14)In this episode, you will learn:The four tools that can help you in any area of your life. (09:31)The importance of self-care. (11:17)Marie’s morning routine. (13:34)Free programs and resources for people fighting with cancer or for their caregivers. (15:38)The ways through which Marie teaches children how to build their self-esteem, self-love, and their self-confidence. (20:12)How Marie used a vision board to keep herself positive and optimistic while she was dealing with cancer. (23:35)Marie’s gift for the devoted listeners of the Rejuvenaging Podcast. (29:22)Connect with Marie:WebsiteYoutube Channel
  • Lawrence Kosick Replay

    This is a special replay of an episode from the REJUVENAGING WITH DR. RON KAISER podcast Hall of Fame, first posted on March 29th, 2022The last couple of years, if anything, forced all of us to be more active in the digital world. Accessing grocery stores, banks, or even family gatherings digitally became part of the routine of almost everyone. Still, many of us in the second half-century of our lives struggle a bit with the online world, and we look for alternatives to it to avoid feeling the uncomfortable sensation of not knowing basic stuff like accessing a website, posting a picture, or joining a virtual room. Our guest, Lawrence Kosick, after a formidable career building and leading enterprise technology business and sales teams, decided to create GetSetUp, a company dedicated to re-skilling Seniors who then teach other Seniors to find their way around in the digital world.   We delve into GetSetUp's origins, what motivated Lawrence to create it, and the platform's remarkable expansion, from the variety of topics they teach to the numerous countries and languages they cover. We talk about GetSetUp's mechanics and how users can access it and participate in any of the more than a hundred daily classes. Lawrence also spoke about how some learners end up becoming teachers or guides of the platform after taking a class, the importance of employing Seniors to teach to generate a specific kind of response in students, and he described the wide variety of courses we can find in the platform. Tune in to Episode 129 of REJUVENAGING® and discover the perfect place to learn new skills, make friends, and gain confidence in our digital skills. Some Questions I Ask:How did you manage to transition from the tech field to the adult education area? (3:58)Let's get into the mechanics of GetSetUp. How does it work? Do people go to class at a particular time? Is it on demand? (8:49)How do people enroll in this? Do you just go to the website and pick and choose classes? (29:28)In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Lawrence's realization of the struggle of older adults with basic tech stuff and his decision to contribute in the field (7:28)We learn better and more by doing than by watching and listening (10:04)Lawrence shares some stories of students deciding to become guides in the platform (17:10)How GetSetUp became international and gained dozens of teachers and students around the world almost unintendedly (23:15)Resources:GetSetUp websiteGetSetUp phone number: +1 (888) 559 1614Connect with Lawrence:LinkedIn
  • Trevor Lohrbeer Replay

    This is a special replay of an episode from the REJUVENAGING WITH DR. RON KAISER podcast Hall of Fame, first posted on March 16th, 2021Working from home taught us several things and one of them, no doubt, is that we were wrong if we thought that spending more time in the house will let us complete all our projects. Many of us struggle to achieve personal and professional plans, even when we barely leave the house. The problem is not the number of hours we have but how we use them. Still, the solution is in our hands, and it requires little effort, consistency, and self-awareness: time management. Joining me today is Trevor Lohrbeer, serial entrepreneur, Founder of Strategic Life Tools, and Lead Writer at Lean Decisions. He is also the creator and founder of Day Optimizer, an app designed to convert entrepreneurs' and consultants' daily to-do lists into a daily schedule to help them leverage their activities and achieve more using their time more efficiently. We had a fantastic and enlightening conversation about time management and how important it is to acknowledge first what kind of person we are before implementing any action plan. According to Trevor, this is central; since morning birds and night owls are creative and active at different times, their schedules and planning should also be distinctive. We talked about how to deal with interruptions, and he kindly shared some tools to fight procrastination. Trevor also shared beautiful insights about branding and visual branding, tips for entrepreneurs, and much more.Tune in to Episode 77 of Rejuvenaging and listen to the brilliant Trevor Lohrbeer, and his teachings about time management. 
  • Simone Heng Replay

    This is a special replay of an episode from the REJUVENAGING WITH DR. RON KAISER podcast Hall of Fame, first posted on August 2, 2022.The recent COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent global lockdowns highlighted our need, as humans, for social connection. Being socially connected has proven to lead to happier, longer, and healthier lives. So how do we ensure that we’re connecting and doing it in the right way?This episode’s guest, Simone Heng, is a human connection specialist. Simone started thinking about the facilitation of human connection while working at a job where she and her fellow co-workers felt disconnected and were, therefore, less productive. She believes that love and connection are two of the most important values when it comes to living happy lives. Tune in to Episode 147 of REJUVENAGING® with Simone Heng and let’s connect! Some Questions I Ask:Why is human connection and social connectedness such a big issue? (5:00)How did you happen to get into this line of work? (8:17)If I'm a conscientious parent, what do I want to do? (24:40)In This Episode, You Will Learn:The three major issues relating to human connection (5:14)Why loneliness is so damaging to our health, immunity, and longevity (6:15)How to be socially connected in a world of cell phones (13:06)About the topics covered in Simone Heng’s book (17:43)About the gender split that exists around human connection (19:44)Simone’s format for allowing individuals to tell whether they’re lonely (20:49)How being an introvert or extrovert aligns with your need for human connection (27:35)ResourcesSimone’s book: Secret Pandemic: The Search for Connection in a Lonely World Additional books: The Village Effect, What Happened to YouConnect with Simone HengCourageous Speaking Communityhello@simoneheng.comInstagramLinkedInWebsiteUseful REJUVENAGING® ResourcesWebsite: Dr. Ron Kaiser -Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with EnthusiasmEmail: TEDx Talk: Aging Enthusiastically to Make the World a Better Place