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Rejuvenaging with Dr. Ron Kaiser

Don’t Let Your Words Curtail Your Freedom

Ep. 143

It’s human nature to pay special attention to the ways in which we speak to, and interact with, each other. We choose our words carefully at the risk of sounding too harsh, mean, or insensitive. We know the weight that words carry, so why do so many of us not extend that same courtesy when talking to ourselves? We are often our own harshest critics and have no problem berating and belittling ourselves in ways which we never would with others.

On this solo episode, I outline some of the ways in which we limit ourselves with our words. I explain why the language that we use to describe and think of ourselves is important and I break down how using more positive language enables us to do and be better.

Tune in to Episode 143 of REJUVENAGING® and learn how to unlimit yourself. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The different ways in which we limit ourselves through our language (3:24)
  • Why it’s important to tone it down when we react to adversity (9:00)
  • How to take the first step towards curtailing negative speech (10:55)

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    This episode of the REJUVENAGING® with Dr. Ron Kaiser features an enlightening conversation with performance coach Eric D'Agati of ONE Human Performance, who share his expertise gathered over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. With a focus on helping individuals lead healthier and more fulfilling lives, Eric shares his unique approach to client assessment, performance enhancement, and injury prevention.His journey into fitness coaching began with a personal struggle with back pain during his late teens and early twenties. His determination to overcome this challenge without relying solely on medical intervention led him to explore various exercise modalities, ultimately shaping his holistic approach to fitness.Throughout the episode, Eric emphasizes the importance of moving well, fueling properly, and prioritizing recovery—a trifecta essential for achieving optimal healthspan. He challenges conventional fitness norms by advocating for a more inclusive and adaptable approach to exercise, one that prioritizes individual needs and goals over generic workout routines.Drawing from his extensive experience working with diverse clientele, including professional athletes and individuals of all ages, Eric shares valuable insights on how to cultivate sustainable fitness habits. He underscores the significance of non-negotiable habits and the role of mindset in embracing a lifelong commitment to health and wellness.He also addresses common misconceptions surrounding fitness, debunking the notion that one-size-fits-all approaches yield optimal results. Instead, he encourages listeners to focus on fundamental movement patterns, such as walking and basic strength training, as accessible starting points for improving overall health and function.As the conversation unfolds, Eric highlights the interplay between physical activity, nutrition, and mindset, emphasizing their collective impact on longevity and quality of life.For more info on Eric:Website: https://ericdagoti.com
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  • What I’ve Learned About Myself Lately With Dr. Ron Kaiser

    What I’ve Learned About Myself LatelyIn a particularly heartfelt and introspective episode of REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser, Dr. Ron takes listeners on a poignant journey through the landscape of grief, resilience, and self-discovery following the loss of his wife, Libby, to cancer. Unlike the typical format that features guest conversations, this solo episode allows him to share deeply personal reflections on being a widower, the lessons learned in the aftermath of Libby's passing, and the ongoing process of adapting to a new phase of life.Dr. Ron discusses the importance of cherishing and expressing love in relationships, the invaluable support system provided by family and friends, and the surprising resilience and adaptability he discovered within himself. He delves into the balance between mourning and continuing life's responsibilities and commitments, highlighting the possibility of navigating grief while still engaging in meaningful activities and connections.A significant portion of the episode is dedicated to the theme of navigating life's uncertainties. Dr. Ron shares his perspective on embracing uncertainty and living with ambiguity as crucial elements of his healing process and personal growth.This episode of the REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser podcast stands as a testament to the power of the human spirit in the face of loss and the capacity for personal transformation. Dr. Ron's reflections offer a guide for listeners dealing with their own struggles, encouraging them to find strength in their support systems, embrace life's uncertainties, and continue to thrive. Through his story, Dr. Ron honors Libby's memory and provides a source of inspiration and hope and guidance for anyone navigating the complexities of grief or other difficult challenges. For more info Dr. Ron Kaiser:https://www.drron-kaiser.comPurchase his course:
  • The Environment and Your Health with Dr. Tom O'Bryan

    In this enlightening episode of "REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser," we welcome Dr. Tom O'Bryan, a distinguished functional medicine expert specializing in environmental medicine and holistic health. Dr. O'Bryan shares his insights on the critical impact of environmental toxins on family health and introduces his new docuseries, "The Inflammation Equation: Decoding the Steps for Optimal Well-Being," which aims to educate viewers on achieving better health by understanding and mitigating inflammation.With a career dedicated to uncovering the hidden effects of environmental toxins, Dr. O'Bryan discusses his journey into functional medicine sparked by personal challenges, leading to his exploration of holistic approaches to health and wellness. He emphasizes the significance of dietary choices, particularly the benefits of organic foods and the dangers posed by pesticides and chemicals found in everyday products.Dr. O'Bryan also touches on the critical role of inflammation in various diseases, explaining how our immune system's response to foreign substances can lead to chronic conditions. He highlights simple, actionable steps everyone can take to reduce their exposure to toxins, improve their health, and prevent disease, such as opting for organic foods, utilizing non-toxic household products, and incorporating houseplants to purify indoor air.Listeners are encouraged to explore Dr. O'Bryan's books, "You Can Fix Your Brain" and "The Autoimmune Fix," and to tune into his docuseries for a deeper understanding of how to navigate the complex landscape of modern health threats and solutions. This episode serves as a compelling call to action for individuals to take control of their health by making informed choices and embracing a holistic approach to wellness.For information on Dr. Tom: more info Dr. Ron Kaiser:https://www.drron-kaiser.comPurchase his course:
  • Harnessing Nature for Graceful Aging: Insights from Dr. Michelle Olson

    Joining Dr. Ron in this episode of "REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser" is Dr. Michelle Olson, a social gerontologist, nature-based creative arts therapist, certified forest therapy guide,and fervent advocate for the healing power of nature in enhancing mental and physical health. With a rich background in dementia care and gerontology, Dr. Olson shares her insights on the critical role nature plays in nurturing our health as we age.Driven by a deep-rooted affection for the natural world and an influential stint with World War II veterans, Dr. Olson pursued a career dedicated to exploring nature's therapeutic potential and the integration of the arts in the care of aging populations and those with dementia. The discussion is anchored in evidence showing the myriad ways nature benefits us physically, emotionally, and cognitively. We explore everything from the Japanese tradition of forest bathing to biophilic design's emergence in healthcare settings, emphasizing nature's essential role in health and recovery.: Dr. Michelle sheds light on the practice of forest bathing (Shinrin-yoku), a method of engaging deeply with forest environments to bolster health. This practice, whether pursued independently or with guidance, fosters a profound bond with nature and oneself. Dr. Michelle is founder and executive director of Evergreen Minds, a non-profit organization that champions the incorporation of nature and the expressive arts into dementia care. She stresses the importance of outdoor access and its beneficial effects on mood, behavior, and the general well-being of individuals living with dementia. Incorporating nature into everyday life: The conversation offers actionable tips for integrating nature into our daily routines, demonstrating that even in urban settings or through indoor plants, we can significantly enhance our mental health and aging experience. Dr. Michelle encourages everyone to discover the health benefits of nature for their own lives and communities. She offers a compelling viewpoint on the intersection of aging, dementia care, and the intrinsic benefits of nature engagement. Her advocacy and practical suggestions underscore how simple, nature-based practices can have a substantial impact on our health, contentment, and approach to aging. In wrapping up this insightful dialogue, Dr. Ron and Dr. Michelle motivate us to reconnect with the outdoors and recognize nature as a vital element for a vibrant, healthy life at any age.For more information on Dr. Michelle
  • Unlocking the Secrets to Better Sleep with Dr. Catherine Darley

    In this enlightening episode of REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser, we delve into the essential world of sleep with the guidance of Dr. Catherine Darley, a naturopathic physician and a renowned sleep expert. With over 20 years of experience in treating sleep disorders and teaching appropriate sleep habits, Dr. Darley offers a wealth of knowledge on how to improve sleep naturally.Throughout the conversation, Dr. Darley highlights the importance of aligning our sleep habits with our circadian rhythm, emphasizing the crucial role of natural light during the day and darkness at night. She introduces practical tips, such as using lux meters to measure light exposure and wearing blue light-blocking glasses in the evening, to help regulate our sleep patterns. She also addresses common sleep challenges, including difficulties in falling asleep, staying asleep, and adjusting to different time zones.Dr. Darley discusses the impact of lifestyle choices on sleep quality, stressing the significance of physical activity and the detrimental effects of a sedentary lifestyle. She advises against the habit of compensating for lack of sleep during the week by oversleeping on weekends, drawing an analogy to dietary habits to underscore the importance of consistent, quality rest.Listeners can find Dr. Darley's expertise extended through her online courses at Skilled Sleeper, where she offers tailored guidance for various demographics, ensuring everyone can access the tools needed for better sleep. Additionally, Dr. Darley is active on social media and YouTube, providing further insights and tips on achieving restful nights.This episode not only sheds light on the science of sleep but also empowers listeners with actionable strategies to enhance their sleep quality, ultimately contributing to a more enthusiastic and healthy quality of life. More info on Catherine more information:https://www.drron-kaiser.comPurchase his course:
  • Empowering Patients in Hospital Care: A Conversation with Dr. Monique Nugent"

    In this enlightening episode of "REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser," we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Monique Nugent, a dedicated hospitalist and physician leader based in Weymouth, Massachusetts. With an impressive background that includes medical school and residency training at Loma Linda University Medical Center and a master's degree from the Harvard School of Public Health, Dr. Nugent specializes in hospital medicine, focusing exclusively on the care of hospitalized patients. Throughout the conversation, Dr. Nugent shared her deep insights into the world of hospital medicine, the evolution of the hospitalist role, and her passion for patient safety and advocacy.Dr. Nugent discussed her book, Prescription for Admission: A Doctor's Guide to Navigating the Hospital, Advocating for Yourself, and Having a Better Hospitalization, highlighting the importance of preparation, planning, and self-advocacy for patients facing hospitalization. She offered valuable advice on how patients can navigate the healthcare system more effectively, including the significance of having a care partner, the role of advanced directives, and strategies for dealing with difficult situations or disagreements with healthcare providers.Furthermore, Dr. Nugent emphasized the importance of patient feedback, explaining how hospitals use surveys to improve patient care and experience. She encouraged patients to voice their concerns and experiences, underscoring the impact of such feedback on healthcare quality and provider reimbursement.Listeners can find Dr. Nugent's book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and through her website,, where additional resources and educational materials are available. For those on Instagram, Dr. Nugent can be followed at @thehappiesthospitalist, where she shares her knowledge and experiences in a more informal setting.Connect here: more information:https://www.drron-kaiser.comPurchase his course: