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Concha Alborg - Turning Memories into Legacies

Ep. 38

Today, I invited Concha Alborg, one of my favorite people and a great example of staying active after retirement, to talk about her amazing journey into the writers’ world – a journey that truly began in the second half of her life.

Concha Alborg was born in Spain, during the difficult years of Franco’s regime. Growing up with an academic father, she became a serious reader from an early age, and dreamed of being a writer. She went to school in Madrid until she moved to the United States with her parents, and stayed to pursue her studies.

Concha taught Spanish literature at St. Joseph’s University and since her retirement from teaching - 10 years ago - she has focused on writing creative nonfiction. Among her works, “Una Noche en Casa”, “American in Translation”, and “Divorce after Death” are definitely worth mentioning – and you’ll learn more about them in this episode, as Concha kindly talks about her journey of becoming an author.

Her latest work is a family memoir, “My Mother, That Stranger: Letters from the Spanish Civil War”, based on letters she fortuitously found written between her parents during that time. Writing this memoir was a fascinating journey of identification with her father and a process of discovery of her mother, who died when Concha was still in her twenties.

Listen to Episode 38 of Rejuvenaging, to learn more about this beautiful soul’s story and how she managed to create a legacy that honors her parents’ lives.

Questions I ask:

  • Can you tell us a little bit about how you spend your time? (02:48)
  • How do you discipline yourself? How does a real author do her authoring? (04:02)
  • Were you always interested in creative writing? (05:53)
  • How does somebody come upon 800+ letters? (19:39)
  • What are you working on right now? (27:21)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Concha helps other writers develop their skills. (07:29)
  • The stories behind Concha’s novels, “American in Translation” and “Divorce After Death”. (09:35)
  • Sneak peeks inside “My Mother, That Stranger” – Concha’s book based on 822 letters dated 80 years ago. (10:55)
  • The most surprising thing Concha found out about her mother, from reading those letters. (15:00)
  • Some interesting project suggestions that every retired person can pick up and fill their time with, and at the same time, create a legacy for their grandchildren. (22:00)

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