Refuge Freedom Stories

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  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Carole Sluski

    Interview with Carole Sluski.Carole shares how her traditional Catholic faith was deepened through the sudden loss of her daughter , and, how that brought her to an intimate personal relationship with Jesus.

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  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Darryl Rodgers

    Interview with Darryl Rodgers.Darryl works with parents of children struggling with a substance use disorder, and, discusses how God helped him through his own son’s battle with it.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Lady Redneck

    Interview with Lady Redneck.With more than 1Million social media followers, and, over 1Million fans on ReverbNation, Lady Redneck is a Country-Christian Singer/songwriter who keeps true to her faith and dedication to spread a message of hope and love of God through her music.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Brother Gregory

    Interview with Brother Gregory.Brother Gregory discusses following God’s direction in life, and, his experiences with the Holy Spirit.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Debbie Adams

    Interview with Debbie Adams.Debbie discusses her life-calling to be an author and how God supported her with His promises throughout her life including cancer and a tornado.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Kim Sorrelle

    Interview with Kim Sorrelle.Kim discusses how she discovered the real meaning of God’s Love through her and her husband’s cancer diagnosis within weeks of each other.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Matt Shoup

    Interview with Matt Shoup.Matt talks about his experiences, good and bad with Christians, and, what ultimately led him to find his own personal relationship with Jesus.