Refuge Freedom Stories

  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Robert Bass

    Interview with Robert Bass.Robert discusses a life of faith, following God’s Voice, and, how it has shaped and directed him.Robert would also like to give you a free copy of his eBook – Hidden Fruit: Receive All That God Has for You.You can find it at and use coupon code REFUGE during checkout. 
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Jocelyn Jones

    Interview with Jocelyn Jones.Jocelyn discusses how a life of personal trials and challenges can embrace and grow in God’s real purpose through faith.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Amanda Blackwood

    Interview with Amanda Blackwood.Amanda discusses her life as a victim of human trafficking, how God rescued her from trauma, and, how He brought her victory over it.Be advised, this is a VERY CANDID and open discussion about her personal experience with human trafficking.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Ahmard Vital

    Interview with Ahmard Vital.Ahmard discusses his winding journey of faith through life and the sudden change that projected him to find true purpose with Jesus.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Debbie Baisden

    Interview with Debbie Baisden.Debbie, a mom of four boys, was suddenly widowed without warning. The depth of her pain was only matched by the depth of God’s faithfulness.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Jim Barnard

    Interview with Jim Barnard.Jim shares about his wife’s unexpected and life-threatening illness, their struggle to find hope amid her suffering, and, their journey of faith with God through it all.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Guy Morris

    Interview with Guy Morris.Guy discusses a troubled beginning in life, and how Jesus has transformed him giving him an extraordinary career path involving AI, a visit by the FBI to his home, and, numerous award-winning books.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Dan Clouser

    Interview with Dan Clouser.Dan talks about his life of teaching kids leadership and life lesson skills, and, how a sudden calling from God took his life in a completely different direction.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Johnathan Drayton

    Interview with Johnathan Drayton.Johnathan discusses the philosophy of God, and, how it has blossomed his faith into a vibrant relationship with Jesus.