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  • 39. Heather Martin, writer & academic

    Heather Martin is the author of the highly-acclaimed and best-selling biography of Lee Child called The Reacher Guy. Heather is a writer and academic who was born in Australia, and later moved to England to become a classical guitarist. However, she ended up singing with a Venezuelan folk group and studying languages instead.

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  • 38. Emma Grae, writer

    Emma Grae is an author and journalist, originally from Glasgow, who now lives and works in London. Emma has been writing in Scots since she was a student at the University of Strathclyde, and her debut novel, Be guid tae yer Mammy, was published in August 2021 by Unbound Books, the world’s first crowdfunding publisher.Emma has also published fiction and poetry in the UK and Ireland, while her journalism has appeared in numerous publications.You can order Emma's novel, Be guid tae yer Mammy, at
  • 37. Danny Rhodes, writer

    Danny Rhodes is a writer who has been shortlisted for the prestigious BBC National Short Story Award 2021 for his short story, Toadstone. The winner will be announced on October 19th.His debut novel Asboville was published in 2006 and was selected as a Waterstone's Booksellers Paperback of the Year, while it has also been adapted for BBC Films. His next novel, Soldier Boy, was published in 2009, while his third novel, Fan, came out in 2014. It is grounded in Danny's experiences as a Nottingham Forest fan at the Hillsborough Disaster on April 15th, 1989. He has just finished a prequel to that novel, called Kid.
  • 36. Tom Palmer, children's author

    Tom Palmer is a children's author who writes historical and sports fiction books, and to date he has written 53 books for children. His latest novel, Arctic Circle, is rooted in the real life story of the Arctic convoys during the Second World War, and it was longlisted for the Dudley Children's Book 2021 Award. He has also written books on subjects such as the trenches of the First World War, as well as novels set further back in history, while his many sports books include the Roy of the Rovers series of novels, the latest of which, Sudden Death, is published in September 2021.
  • 35. Vanessa Onwuemezi, writer

    Vanessa Onwuemezi is a writer and poet based in London. She completed an MA in creative writing at the University of Birkbeck in 2018 while her story, Heart of Things, won the White Review Short Story Prize. Her work has also appeared in Prototype Magazine, Freeze and The Literary Consultancy.Her debut collection of short stories, Dark Neighbourhood, is published in October 2021 by Fitzcarraldo Editions.
  • 34. Charles E. McGarry, writer

    Charles E. McGarry is a crime writer based in Glasgow. He works as an audio editor, a newspaper sub-editor and a crime fiction writer. His first novel, The Road To Lisbon, was not a crime book, but is an excellent piece of football fiction which he co-wrote with Martin Greig. HIs first crime novel, The Killing of Helen Addison, was published in 2017 and is the first in a series of supernatural detective fiction featuring psychic detective, Leo Moran. That's been followed by The Shadow of the Black Earl (2018) and The Mystery of the Strange Piper, which is published in September 2021 by BackPage Press.
  • 33. Siobhan O'Neill, history teacher

    Siobhan O'Neill is a history teacher based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Since graduating from Bangor University in North Wales, where she studied history and film studies, Siobhan has worked in education as a secondary school history teacher and head of history.She created a network for history educators in Basingstoke to be able to share good practice and to learn from different stages of education, while she also runs her own history revision channel on YouTube and Instagram called One History Help.