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Season 6, Ep. 3

This episode shines a light on pubs and clubs, and their importance within communities. The hosts look at some of the campaigns that CAMRA has rolled out to help pubs, breweries and cider makers to survive. The episode is virtually hosted by the Burton CAMRA branch, which is the home of this year’s Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) Winter, taking place from 16-18 February at Burton Town Hall. 

Hear from Dr Claire Markham, who has conducted research revealing that pubs have an economic, social and cultural role which benefit their communities. Plus, a ‘live cook-along' with Jersey-based chef Christian Gott, who whips up Moules Normandy.

CAMRA National Chairman and Burton Branch Publicity Officer Nik Antona reveals all about the Great British Beer Festival Winter (16-18 Feb, Burton Town Hall), and behind the scenes from the branch's Pub of the Year competition.

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