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Building Brands Through Social Search and AI with Jeff Beringer

Ep. 192

Jeff Beringer founded and oversees Golin's global digital team and has spent more than two decades helping companies earn attention online to build brands and drive demand. In the earliest days of the internet, Jeff helped some of the world's biggest corporations plant their first flags on the web, and today he's helping them embrace AI to do the some of their best work ever. Here, he discusses how AI is being used in PR and the need for brands to embrace social search.

Key Takeaways:

- The current state of AI in PR

- The cycles of technological adaptation in PR and marketing

- Building a brand's presence in social search

Episode Timeline:

1:30 The current role of AI in media

3:20 How are people specifically using AI in PR and marketing?

5:00 Using AI for storyboards

7:20 Influencer tracking through AI

9:00 Will AI result in the flattening of media and culture?

11:30 How we overreacted to the Metaverse

12:30 The hype cycle of the Metaverse

14:30 What are the difficulties in managing a brand's presence through Threads?

17:30 Why some brands don’t work consistently across platforms

19:00 The need for brands to control their image on social search

21:40 Retrieving social search data

This episode’s guests:

Jeff Beringer on LinkedIn

• Check out Golin's website


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    Eric Morley co-founded Blue C, a dynamic California-based agency specializing in brand strategy and creative marketing. With a relentless passion for shaping brand narratives, Eric has been an influential force in the industry since 1998. Here, he shares how the FOCUS principle guides Blue C’s work and why brands should strive for clarity in 2024.Key Takeaways:- The power of FOCUS- The need for brand clarity- Why everyone is in marketingEpisode Timeline:2:00 Why FOCUS is Eric's guiding principle4:20 What are the challenges of implementing FOCUS?5:50 The importance of stating a clear objective8:45 Marketing in a globalized world10:15 Do clients have trouble being on task as well?11:30 Why marketers should aim for brand clarity in 202412:30 The Brand Power process14:30 You must know your audience.16:30 Blue C's work with Wahoo's Fish Taco18:50 Eric's approach to authenticity21:50 Nike's quest for female customersThis episode’s guest:Eric Morley on LinkedInBlue C USASubscribe and leave a 5-star review: Us!• Join the conversation by leaving a comment!• Follow us on Facebook, X (Formerly Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn!Thanks for listening!
  • 207. Podcast Therapy with Lauren Passell of Tink Media

    Lauren Passell is the founder of Tink Media, a podcast growth and ideas company that specializes in podcast PR, creative partnerships, in-app placement, and out-of-the-box strategies to help shows find their perfect audience. She is also the curator of Podcast the Newsletter and Podcast Marketing Magic and writes about podcasts for Lifehacker. Here, she discusses the importance of making podcast friends, why podcasters should focus more on marketing, and why true crime is still king.Key Takeaways:- Podcast marketing tips- Current trends in podcasting- Why podcasters need to think more about marketingEpisode Timeline:1:50 Tink Media's approach to podcast therapy5:45 The importance of borrowing from other podcast audiences6:25 The benefits of promo swaps10:15 Is true crime still king of podcasting?12:15 Tod's true crime voice14:30 Why all podcasts need a hook17:30 Are there too many podcasts?18:20 Podcasters aren't thinking enough about marketing.19:35 How Tod marketed the "LA's Own Marineland" podcastThis episode’s guest:• Lauren Passell of Tink Media• Feed the Queue podcast• Podcast The Newsletter • 100 podcast marketing tipsSubscribe and leave a 5-star review: Us!• Join the conversation by leaving a comment!• Follow us on Facebook, X (Formerly Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn!Thanks for listening!
  • 206. Being the 'Go-To' Guy with Wing Lam of Wahoo's Fish Taco

    Wing Lam, the co-founder of Wahoo’s Fish Taco, is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry. As the face of the iconic brand, Wing is highly sought-after to speak at global events and has made television appearances on “The Secret Millionaire” and the Food Network. Actively engaged in philanthropy having founded the California Love Drop, Wing is also the second member of the exclusive “PR 360 Three Timers Club.” Here, he discusses the importance of adding value to the lives of others, the ongoing success of the California Love Drop, and what 2024 looks like for Wahoo's Fish Taco. Key Takeaways:- The importance of being the ‘go-to’ guy- Why restaurants go out of business- The success of the California Love DropEpisode Timeline:2:00 Wing's message to students at the Vital Link student leadership conference3:00 Why restaurants go out of business4:00 The importance of having cash on hand5:00 What types of businesses are the Vital Link students looking to start?6:05 The importance of being the "go-to" guy9:20 Why surfers and skateboarders love fish tacos12:20 The California Love Drop16:00 How to be part of the story19:00 How philanthropy can also help business21:00 Teaching is its own learning experience.22:00 Wahoo's upcoming partnership with The Beach Boys23:00 Looking back on 2023 and forward to 2024This episode’s guest:• Wahoo’s Fish Taco Founder Wing Lam• California Love Drop
  • 205. Increasing Efficiency Through AI Integration with Bob Bilbruck

    Bob Bilbruck is an accomplished and visionary CEO with over 25 years of experience in the emerging markets and technology space. He is the founder and CEO of Captjur, a business services firm specializing in channel and partner programs, digital marketing and technology initiatives, sales and business development, and alternative startup funding. Here, Bob talks about how AI is revolutionizing customer service in the fast food and hospitality sectors and how the metaverse is about to become a big part of our everyday lives. Key Takeaways:- How AI is being integrated into customer service- The future of the metaverse- The importance of open networksEpisode Timeline:1:45 An overview of Captjur's work2:23 What can Captjur's clients expect?4:15 How does Captjur integrate AI into marketing channels?5:00 How is AI being integrated into fast food restaurants?5:45 White Castle's AI integration7:15 Do we need to train humans to interact with AI?9:25 Integrating AI into high-end establishments12:25 How will AI revolutionize our everyday lives in the near future?15:00 Why the metaverse is misunderstood.17:50 How are companies putting a human face on AI?22:00 The importance of open networks with AIThis episode’s guests:• Bob Bilbruck on LinkedIn• Captjur.comSubscribe and leave a 5-star review: Us!•             Join the conversation by leaving a comment•             Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedInThanks for listening
  • 204. The Year in AI

    AI had a momentous year in 2023, and it was a big point of discussion on the PR 360 Podcast. This episode pulls together the most important discussions we’ve had on the topic with people in the fields of AI development, public relations, and journalism. You’ll learn about the current state of AI advancement, how AI will affect the workplace, and its current impact on public relations.Key Takeaways:-        What is practical AI?-        How to combine AI and human intelligence-        AI’s role in public relationsEpisode Timeline:2:25 Jason Wells, CEO of AI Dev Lab, explains practical AI4:30 The differences in ChatGPT iterations8:30 Linda Zebian, Senior Director of Communications and Community at Muck Rack, on how AI will affect the job market11:25 How are people using AI in the PR world?14:00 Adam Albright-Hanna, founder of A-Ha Audience Builders, on how ChatGPT can help create viral content15:20 Tod’s reservations on how ChatGPT will affect his writing career17:55 Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases on how human intelligence and AI can work together to create quality press releases19:35 Jeff Beringer, founder of Golin's global digital team, on how the agency is exploring AI’s possibilities in the PR world25:40 Valerie Christopherson, founder, and CEO of Global Results Communications, shares how the human intelligence at her company makes AI workThis episode’s guests:Jason Wells, Linda Zebian, Adam Albright-Hanna, Mickie Kennedy, Jeff Beringer, Valerie Christopherson.