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    An amazing interview that highlights the importance of the cover band. Their role in helping ABBA'S revival. How they played for the Queen, and even more bizarrely, for Putin, and how they became one of the most successful tribute acts in the world.Please share and like this interview! is the second part in a series of interviews celebrating ABBA's 50th anniversary of winning Eurovision.⁠1. The story of how ABBA won EUROVISION; Carl Magnus Palm⁠⁠Rod Stephen, the mastermind behind the internationally acclaimed tribute band Björn Again, has become synonymous with bringing the magic of ABBA's music to audiences around the globe. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep admiration for the iconic Swedish pop group, Stephen has crafted an unforgettable musical experience that pays homage to ABBA's legendary sound. Founded in 1988 in Melbourne, Australia, Björn Again quickly gained popularity for their faithful renditions of ABBA's greatest hits, captivating fans with their infectious energy and authentic performances.

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  • Ralf Hildenbeutel

    Ralf Hildenbeutel, electronic music maestro and sonic architect, lauded for his work in the 90s with Sven Väth, has carved out a successful career in film music, including his highly acclaimed soundtrack to the new Netflix series SUPERSEX. ⁠⁠The latest podcast covers his whole life, including his masterful work with Sven Väth, his work with other renowned artists to scoring for films and documentaries, and of course this latest soundtrack. You'll get a clear idea of how his background has fed into his work, and why he continues to push boundariesIf you want to watch it on YouTube please go here:⁠Producer/Musician RALF HILDENBEUTEL; Sven Väth's Electro MAESTRO, Netflix SUPERSEX Composer please SUBSCRIBE

    NOTE - Photo Ola Lager (Premium Rockshot)It's 50 years since ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, and leading up to this year's event, I'm running a series of interviews around the theme.⁠⁠First up is ABBA authority Carl Magnus Palm telling how ABBA won Eurovision - what led up to the competition, the genesis of the song Waterloo and what came afterwards. ⁠⁠To share use this link:⁠⁠Carl Magnus Palm has released a new book - ABBA on Record. It’s available now!⁠⁠To order the book:⁠⁠⁠Watch out every Tuesday for another interview in this series!
  • Bill Sharpe - Shakatak

    Bill Sharpe, British keyboardist and composer, was a founding member of the jazz-funk group Shakatak. Born in 1952, Sharpe developed a love of the piano at an early age, studied music at University, and after a period of being in a band with Trevor Horn, formed Shakatak with Nigel Wright, Roger Odell and Keith Winter. With vocals from Jill Saward, who later became an official member of the band, they quickly rose to fame in the early 1980s with a unique blend of jazz, funk, and pop. "Night Birds" and "Down on the Street," amongst their successes in that era, both in Britain and in the States. Watch on YouTube.'s success continues today, alongside touring as Shakatak, he's just released an album with the Imagination frontman Leee John. INTIMATE GLOW is full of smooth jazz sounds from both these legends, and the first single release “Take Me Back” features the phenomenal Mark King from Level 42 on bass, and also MEZZOFORTE’s Friðrik Karlsson.
  • Hollywood Screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoulos

    Evan Spiliotopoulos, reveals the ups and downs on the way to become a Hollywood Screenwriter.⁠⁠Best known for Beauty and the Beast which starred Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans, Spiliotopoulos was born in Greece, left as a teenager to go to the University of Delaware to study film theory, followed by a Masters Degree in Screenwriting at the American University.⁠⁠His career has spanned over 20 years, but before his break came with Disney, where he wrote several animation projects, he spent many years in Los Angeles honing his craft and getting continually rejected.⁠10 years ago, Spiliotopoulos was hired to rewrite Hercules, the Brett Ratner produced film, then later The Huntsman; Winter’s War along with Craig Mazin (who later wrote Chernobyl), and which starred Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron. His career reached new heights and led to Beauty and the Beast.⁠⁠In 2021, Evan released his horror movie, The Unholy, which he wrote, produced and directed, and more recently has worked with Russell Crowe on The Pope’s Exorcist. 
  • Leee John; Five of THE Best

    Leee John has chosen some great tracks for FIVE OF THE BEST.At the moment Leee has a new album out - INTIMATE GLOW - where the IMAGINATION singer has collaborated with BILL SHARPE (Shakatak), their first release is Take Me Back.⁠In FIVE OF THE BEST Leee choses five tracks that have influenced him over the years.To watch on YouTube go here: no particular order and so you can see and hear these tracks first here's the list - you'll have to listen to the podcast to find out his number one.Girl you need a change of mind - EDDIE KENDRICKSListen here: - DENIECE WILLIAMSWatch here: - STEVIE WONDERListen here: to hear Leee's amazing version of that track go here: ME BACK - LEEE JOHN AND BILL SHARPEWatch here: City Blues - MARVIN GAYEWatch here:'t forget to stick it out until the end to find your number !And more information on Take me Back from Leee John and Bill Sharpe:The single features Mark King from Level 42 on bass, and⁠ MEZZOFORTE’s Friðrik Karlsson.⁠For more information on Leee John:⁠⁠If you want to see a career interview with Leee John - go here:Video link here:⁠
  • Kid Moxie

    Kid Moxie; New Vangelis? Everyone from Gahan to Badalamenti has or wants to work with this rising star!Kid Moxie is a mesmerizing force in synth-pop and electronic music. Born Elena Charbila, she creates haunting melodies complimented by pulsating beats, a mix of the nostalgic and modern, drawing inspiration from new wave and dream pop.Want to watch this on YouTube? are starting to make comparisons to Vangelis, the great Greek soundtrack composer, and she has already worked with Angelo Badalamenti, (David Lynch’s longtime collaborator).She has also collaborated with Orion/MGM on the music for their new logo, created a duet with Dave Gahan for Depeche Mode’s latest album, worked with greek directors Giorgos Georgopoulos on the music for the film "I don't want to be unpleasant, but I want to talk about something very serious”, with Vasilis Kekatos on the TV series "Milky Way”, and with Kristoferos Papakaliatis on Maestro (known as Maestro in Blue in many territories).Kid Moxie believes that the soundtrack Drive changed the face of synth music, and on her latest neon-noir EP with German artist Nina, titled Lust, she has finally worked with the iconic label behind Drive, Italians do it Better.Photo (c) Efi Gousi