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Intra-Logistics and Materials Handling: A Brazilian Perspective

In this episode of Interlinks we talk to Rafael Kessler, Master Dealer in Brazil for the Irish materials handling equipment manufacturer Combilift. Rafael has extensive experience in the fields of engineering, logistics and business management with an long track record in the automotive and materials handling industries.


Rafael has been Master Dealer for Combilift in Brazil since 2009 covering the entire national territory of Brazil, a country with an area 8.5 million square kilometres, almost as large as the United States, and a population of over 212 million.

Combilift has its manufacturing base in Monaghan, in Ireland, and is one of the most innovative materials handling equipment companies in the world with a manufacturing philosophy based on simplicity and flexibility. Combilift has over 60.000 units operational in some 90 counties around the world..


I am delighted to have Rafael with us on this episode to talk to us about the world of logistics and supply chain from a Brazilian perspective.

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