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EU Flagship GMP GDP Clinical Trials Hub in Dublin

In this episode of Interlinks I talk to Michael O’Kane, Commercial Strategic Director, with Yourway Clinical a company that describes itself as The Biopharma Services Company.

Michael has spent most, if not, all of his career in the life services sector in various role including business development and going back to 2008 has worked with companies such as Bio Trans, Medserv, World Courier, CRYOPDP, Marken and now Yourway.

In an exciting development for the biopharma sector in Ireland, Yourway will be hosting a launch event for their new EU flagship GMP GDP site at Dublin Airport Logistics Park on 6th June 2024. The 75,000 square feet state-of-the-art facility will integrate clinical packaging, temperature-controlled storage,and distribution to support clinical trials.

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