Out of Hours: The Podcast


Source Breathwork: the life-changing power of breathwork for emotional and trauma release, with Charlie Moult

Season 3, Ep. 6

Today on the podcast we have Charlie Moult. Charlie works in the field of breathwork and she is a 1-1 and group breathwork facilitator and the founder of Source, a Breathwork membership. After a life changing experience on a retreat, Charlie was inspired to start training in therapeutic Breathwork practices and eventually she quit her full time job as a Chiropractor to focus on guiding transformational breath journeys for emotional and trauma release.  

She’s been featured on the BBC (radio) and The Sunday Times and has worked with everyone from corporate sessions with Google to alongside shamans on retreats in Mexico. The purpose of her work is to provide a safe space to experience the healing power of the breath.

We talk about what breathwork actually is, how different techniques works, human design, what it means when people say ‘the body keeps the score’, and how you know when you’re on your path. I hope you enjoy!

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