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Matt Booshell, Becoming a comedian and muscian with Matt Buechele

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Today on the podcast we have Matt Buechele - known on instagram as Matt Booshell. You may recognise Matt from his comedic, straight-to-camera one minute monologues - as he walks through the street of new york with his airpods.

He is a writer, comedian, and composer. He has always been interested in comedy, music and sketches - and today he is full time on his creative work - having written for the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and having had his work featured on place like Netflix and Comedy Central. We talk about why fear is irrational, why putting his work online was so key for his success, and why he thinks all musicians want to be comedians and all comedians want to be musicians. 

I hope you enjoy!

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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Allbirds: Building a sustainable shoe brand, with Tim Brown.

Season 4, Ep. 5
If you enjoy this episode, please buy me a coffee to show your support! ☕️Today on the podcast we have Tim Brown, co-founder of Allbirds.  Today Allbirds is a public company, with an IPO in 2021, and almost one thousand employees. But it didn’t start that way. In fact for many years, Allbirds was just an idea, a side project for Tim Brown - who was a professional footballer for the first part of his career, even playing in the world cup. Tim was bored of the branded shoes he had to wear as a footballer, and started to wonder if a better shoe could be made. For years, he experimented. Tim is a New Zealander, which is the home of merino wool, and he started experimenting with creating a new shoe material with his homegrown merino wool. After he had a prototype shoe, he launched a kickstarter - which proved the idea was popular with others. In 2016 - Tim officially co-founded Allbirds with his cofounder Joey Zwillinger - who helped shape the sustainability focus for the company. They are now a carbon neutral company, and were termed the ‘world’s most comfortable shoe’ by time magazine.We talk about tall poppy syndrome, why he thinks a sense of humour matters in entrepreneurship, and why he thinks the 85% rule of effort is so important. I hope you enjoy.  Join the Out of Hours newsletter here! If you enjoy this episode, consider buying me a coffee to show your support! ☕️ Your support shows me it's worth continuing!
Thursday, February 9, 2023

Prison Yoga Project: Building trauma-informed yoga programmes, with James Fox

Season 4, Ep. 2
If you enjoy this episode, consider buying me a coffee to show your support! ☕️ We currently make a loss on the show and your support means the world!(or, support me on the podcast app Fountain!)Today on the show we have James Fox, the founder of Prison Yoga Project.Yoga changed the course of James’ life, and in 2002, he started his own organisation - Prison Yoga Project - a programme to teach trauma informed yoga and bring yoga and mindfulness to prisons. 70% of prisoners return to the community there is a 76% re-arrest rate within the first 5 years. Prison Yoga Project supports incarcerated people with trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness. Their goal is to help reduce reoffending and providing a more humane experience for incarcerated people. James also has written a book about yoga and sent thousands of copies to prisoners who have requested them.He began the programme in the US, in San Quentin, and has now brought the practice global - from the U.K., to Mexico to Australia.In this episode, we talk about the male role complex, how trauma is stored in the body, and why everyone should support yoga in prison if they want a safer and more humane society.If you’re interested in supporting Prison Yoga Project - they run a book program, which supplies a free book to any inmate who requests one. If you’re interested in a trauma-informed approach to yoga instruction, you can train with Prison Yoga Project. Just head to PrisonYoga.org.Sign up to Out of Hours newsletter here.
Thursday, February 2, 2023

Deliciously Ella: Building a plant-based movement, with Ella Mills

Season 4, Ep. 1
Enjoyed this episode? Consider buying me a coffee! ☕️ We currently make a loss on the show and your support means the world!Today on the podcast we have Ella Mils, the founder of Deliciously Ella.Ella started Deliciously Ella - a blog for plant based recipes - over ten years ago when she was still at university. Having been diagnosed with a chronic condition, and being in and out of hospital with drugs having no meaningful impact, she turned to the internet. Originally she started the blog as just a personal project - but she eventually released it to the public - gaining over 130 million hits within the next few years. Buoyed by this success, she launched an app, which went straight to #1 in the UK app store for food & drink , thanks to the growing online community she is so known for today. Her debut cook book became the best-selling debut cookbook of all time in the UK.   Together with her husband Matt, she has grown the business even further - expanding into a deli which is now their flagship restaurant, as well as many new food products listed in places like Waitrose, Starbucks, Tesco and Sainsburys. We talk about why building moments of calm is so important, what people get wrong about plant based diet, her skin care routine, and why she doesn’t want to be famous. I hope you enjoy!Sign up to the Out of Hours newsletter hereOr follow us on Instagram.
Friday, June 17, 2022

Building a 50-year passion project: Vanishing Asia, with Kevin Kelly.

If you enjoy this episode, consider buying me a coffee to show your support! ☕️ We currently make a loss on the show and your support means the world!Today on the podcast we have Kevin Kelly - the founding editor of Wired Magazine. He co-founded Wired in 1993, and served as its Executive Editor for its first 7 years. He's also:-Written a New York Times bestseller on technology and written books on the economy and on decentralization.- Been the publisher and editor of Whole earth Catalogue - an American counterculture magazine.- Founded the popular Cool Tools website in 2003, which has published a cool tool every day for past 18 years.- Co-chair of the Long Now Foundation - which aims to provide a counterpoint to what it views as today's "faster/cheaper" mindset and to promote "slower/better" thinking.Kevin Kelly also has another side project - spanning over the past 50 years - where he has travelled to 35 Asian countries photographing the disappearing cultural traditions - and recently he put his curated works in a book called ‘Vanishing Asia’.Today we talk about everything from how and why he writes (and why he’s different from Neil Stephenson, the author of Snowcrash, who has to write every day). We also talk about why he’s interested in crypto and projects that don’t make sense, why he believes the centre of gravity of culture will move to Asia, why becoming too big as a company or too good at a skill holds you back, and why he wants to be a youtube star. I hope you enjoy!Buy Vanishing Asia here or check out Kevin Kelly's site.Or, sign up to the Out of Hours newsletter here, or email hello [at] outofhours.org.
Friday, June 10, 2022

Compassion as a superpower: Running for office, with Virginia State Delegate Michelle Maldonaldo

Season 3, Ep. 7
If you enjoy this episode, consider buying me a coffee to show your support! ☕️ We currently make a loss on the show and your support means the world!Today on the podcast we have Michelle Maldonado. Michelle is the founder & CEO of Lucenscia, a human potential and business transformation firm for developing leaders and organizations, work which she started practicing originally in her corporate job. Michelle designs leadership development and coaching, and has worked with everyone from PepsiCo to the United Nations peacekeepers and humanitarian aid workers.Michelle is and does so many things - she is an entrepreneur, a business leader, a mother, a wife, as well as holding certifications in emotional intelligence, mindfulness and meditation.  Most recently, she ran and got elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. Michelleis not a career politician but she was moved to run for election following the public murder of George Floyd and the strorming of the capitol - and sees her role as a ‘bridge builder’. We talk about so much in this conversation - from why she thinks compassion is different to empathy, the three breath meditation you can do any time of day, how to talk to people with different views to you without demonizing them, why emotional intelligence is so important in business and how she discovered meditation aged 7.Sign up to The Out of Hours newsletter!https://outofhours.substack.com/