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Seedlip: Building a non-alcoholic drink, with Ben Branson

Season 3, Ep. 4

Today on the podcast we have Ben Branson, founder of Seedlip - the world's first distilled non-alcoholic spirit.

Ben grew up with a a father who worked in design, and a mother from a farming family. He started Seedlip originally not from a business opportunity, but because he was curious about what he could do - and whether he could actually finish a project. He was curious to tinker with plants, and learn, and have a creative outlet experimenting with the natural world. 

He officially started Seedlip in 2015: inspired by nature, and on a new mission to change the way the world drinks by solving the question of what to drink when you’re not drinking. Seedlip has since turned into a global success. He’s had investment from drinks giant Diageo, it’s in thousands of the top bars and restaurants across the world - including London’s Savoy Hotel, and Soho House, and he’s brokered partnerships like the Chelsea Flower show and also met David Attenborough.

We talk about why he thinks it’s important to know your strengths, why you should trust your dreams, why your business should serve you as much as you serve the business, and why he hates it w hen someone says ‘hey we should get a drink sometime’.

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