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DuPont's Worst Nightmare: Building a legal case that would change history, with Rob Bilott

Season 4, Ep. 5

How does one West Virginian farmer, suspecting foul play and seeking justice, win against one of the largest chemical companies in the world?

With the help of someone called Robert Bilott.

Today on the show, we have Rob Bilott, described by the New York Times as 'DuPont's worst nightmare' - the lawyer whose story was turned into a Hollywood turned into the film starring Mark Rufalo and Anne Hathaway.

Rob is a corporate defence lawyer, who started this case as a small side project - a favour to a farmer from his local area. What he ended up uncovering was one of the biggest cover ups in America. He found that DuPont had been knowingly dumping toxic chemicals into our water, chemicals which are now found in 99% of all living creatures on this earth - and are linked to 6 diseases and birth defects.

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