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DHH: Building Basecamp and Ruby on Rails as side projects, with David Heinemeier Hansson

Season 2, Ep. 7

Brought to you by Out of Hours- the community of people with side projects.

Today on the podcast is David Heinemeier Hansson: the co-founder and CTO of Basecamp, a NYT best selling author, and creator of Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on rails is a free open source web application framework. and some of the biggest companies in the world were built with it: Airbnb, Shopify, Twitch and Square to name a few.  

He’s also built hugely successful businesses: Basecamp - which started as a side project for him and his cofounder Jason. It has since made him a millionaire, and served millions of users.  

Alongside all of this, he is also an author. He’s written three books, including New York Times Bestseller Rework. He’s also a Le Mans class-winning racing driver.

Even though he started all his biggest projects as side projects, this is not a traditional podcast episode - we talk much more about the other meaning of ‘out of hours’ - the fact we are running out of hours and life should be meaningful. We talk about everything from:

  • open source
  • why intrinsic motivation matters
  • why he was a terrible employee
  • how to build your internal sense of control
  • why he doesn’t set goals
  • how he found out money doesn’t make him happy
  • whether he’ll ever go into politics
  • climate change

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The Copy Club: Building a community for marketers, with Lottie Unwin.

Season 2, Ep. 11
A huge thank you to our sponsor TRIBE!TRIBE are one of the UK's leading plant-based nutrition brands.You can get your first pack for just£2(which includes shipping) atthis link(wearetribe.co/outofhours) --> use the code "TRIBEOUTOFHOURS'".Join the next Out of Hours Circle:Create consistency, meet amazing people and reach your side project potential. Join here.About the guest:Today on the podcast we have Lottie Unwin, founder of The Copy Club. The Copy Club are a community of entrepreneurial people who work in marketing. The Copy Club run events, courses and recruitment for an ever-growing community of entrepreneurial marketeers.The Copy Club started as a solution to Lottie’s own problem. Having completed her graduate training at marketing powerhouse Proctor & Gamble, Lottie then joined Propercorn to lead their marketing efforts. Missing the support that P&G provided she quickly decided to seek out other connections who could help her on her journey - and she was soon regularly going for coffees and drinks with people doing similar roles in other companies. Copy Club started as a simple dinner - and it was only when she moved to India that she realised she had the beginnings of a business.Fast forward to today, she has a successful business that employs a team of ten, and runs courses, events and recruitment for start ups. We talk about why monetising feels so scary, why selling can feel gross (and how you can avoid that) and why it’s OK not to have a plan.To join the Out of Hours circle sign up here.

Feminist Coalition: Building a world-changing movement, with Odunayo Eweniyi

Season 2, Ep. 10
Brought to you by Out of Hours. (Special discount for TRIBE below!)*Content warning: this episode talks about recent violence in Nigeria, which might be difficult for some listeners to hear*Today on the podcast we have Odunayo Eweniyi, the founder of Feminist Coalition, a group of young Nigerian feminists formed by Odun and her co-founder Dami in July 2020.Feminist Coalition, also known as FemCo, started with a clear mission to champion equality for women in Nigerian society. But in October, as the Nigerian ENDSARS movement surged, protesting the brutality of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Nigeria, they felt they had no choice but to act.They decided to help first by simply setting up a form for volunteer lawyers, and then went on to fundraise to support those affected by the protests with Medical and legal care. They raised over $380,000 in just two weeks, starting first raising Naira and then Bitcoin.Despite being launched less than a year ago, Odun and her co-founders Dami’s work has been recognised across the globe, and being featured in countless of the most prestigious press:- They were featured on the Bloomberg 50 2020.- They were featured by Vogue as part of the 12 Women Leaders That Changed The World In 2020- They were listed in the Time 100 - the list of the most influential people in the world in 2020.In this episode we talked about how FemCo started, why they supported the victims of the ENDSARS protests switched to Bitcoin, how she managed to do it alongside her day job - COO of Piggyvest which counts over 2 million customers, and how she learnt to deal with criticism and the huge role her father played in who she is today. Hope you enjoy the episode.A huge thank you to our sponsor TRIBE!TRIBE are one of the UK's leading plant-based nutrition brands.You can get your first pack for just£2(which includes shipping) at this link(wearetribe.co/outofhours) --> use the code "TRIBEOUTOFHOURS'".