The Osprey Podcast


Steve Barron - Hemp Farming, A Sustainable High

Season 2, Ep. 2

In this week’s episode, we chat to hemp farmer and renowned Music Video, TV and Film director, Steve Barron.

Steve talks us through the benefits of farming hemp and its many applications throughout various industries as a sustainable, organic fibre.

He also teaches us about its tumultuous past and why it has been held back from mass production until, potentially, the near future.

We also hear about Steve’s personal history as a highly acclaimed Music Video, TV and Film director, having worked on Billie Jean, Aha’s “Take On Me”, Toto’s “Africa” and many more. He even gives us some insight in to how he brought the highest grossing independent film of all time to the big screen.

Wrapping up, Steve tells us what is needed next to help hemp reach it’s full potential as a revolutionary sustainable crop.

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