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  • 10. The Making of the Mutant Nimsdai Pack

    A year and a half of design and testing, four prototypes and numerous high-altitude climbs, to build a pack fit for a multiple mountaineering world record holder. In the latest episode of the Osprey Podcast we spoke to the legend himself, Nimsdai Purjal, about his involvement in the Mutant Nimsdai 90 creation process, his must-haves for the pack and how life has changed since the release of his epic Netflix documentary, 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible.

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  • 9. Sleep and Nutrition - Dr Greg Potter

    In this episode, we talk to Dr Greg Potter, of Resilient Nutrition, discussing some of the key considerations when maximising your sleep and nutrition.We take a look at why sleep is so important and how you can introduce a few relatively simple things to improve your sleep dramatically, including how to help tackle night shifts and the problem with the sleep schedule that our schooling pushes on young people.We also dive in to nutrition, tackling a few myths and learning some general rules of thumb to help navigate the complex world of healthy eating.Finally we, of course, wrap up with Dr Potters 3 recommends - 1x TV/Film, 1x Music and 1x Other.
  • 8. Pro Adventure Photographer - Dan Milner

    In this episode, we sit down with Pro Adventure Photographer, Dan Milner and learn about what it means to be the photographer on the expedition; when you're there to document the adventure but every time you pick up the camera, you may risk jeopardising the mission.We explore Dan's approach to photographing in extreme environments, some of the key things to keep in mind, the importance of being adaptive and the realities of telling stories when you don't yet know the outcome.Wrapping up the episode, we take a look at some of Dan's work and hear the stories behind the images, including close encounters with Polar Bears, losing a team member in a deadly storm on the Southern-most trail in the world and capturing a raging protest in London.As always, we finish off with Dan's 3 recommendations.
  • 2. Tristan Gooley - The Secret World of Weather

    In this episode, we talk to renowned author, The Natural Navigator, Tristan Gooley.Tristan takes us on a journey into the topic of his new book, The Secret World of Weather, looking at how to read the weather that surrounds us every day. Tristan teaches us how we can use the small clues that are presented to us on a daily basis, in order to make conclusions about what the weather might do next, what direction we're facing and more.Tristan later demonstrates the depth of his knowledge as he makes conclusions based on imaginary clues made up on the spot by our host.Wrapping up the episode, Tristan gives us his 3 recommends - 1x Film/TV, 1x Music and 1x Other.
  • 5. Dr Michele Ufer - Motivation and Goals

    Dr. Michele Ufer - Motivation & Goals  In this week’s episode, we chat to sports psychologist and extreme endurance athlete, Dr. Michele Ufer.  Michele reveals the psychology behind effective goal setting and how to find and keep motivated.
  • 4. Project Vertical with Fergus Crawley & Jonny Pain

    In this week’s episode, we chat to Osprey adventurers, Jonathan Pain and Fergus Crawley.With a passion for raising awareness and funds for men’s mental health, Jonathan and Fergus spoke with us about their challenge in November last year, Project Vertical. The challenge saw them ascend the UK's highest mountain, Ben Nevis, 22 times in 11 days for Movember, with a focus on mental health to encourage men not to suffer in silence. We also hear about how they trained for the challenge and their own battles with mental health.
  • 3. Behind Osprey

    In our latest podcast episode we sit down with Tom Entwistle, Vice President of Product and Sales EMEA at Osprey Europe to reveal what life at Osprey is really like and what drives us. As well as discussing the future of pack technologies, sustainability and how enjoying the outdoors is more important than ever.