The Osprey Podcast


Anna McNuff - The Barefoot Runner

Season 1, Ep. 10

In this week’s episode, we chat to barefoot runner, author, story-teller and accomplished adventurer, Anna McNuff.

As the child of 2 Olympians, Anna tells us about her experiences battling her own expectations, finding her own path and seeking fulfilment through the challenge of adventure.

We hear from the "Barefoot Britain" athlete about how to go from running in shoes, to running without them and all the trials that come with that transition. Plus, Anna takes us through the benefits of "trigger-point therapy" to relieve tension and alleviate pain when taking on major endurance challenges.

Anna also takes us through her books "Llama Drama" and "100 Adventures To Have Before You Grow Up", the latter of which, offers up a plethora of creative ways to seek adventure, often from your own home.

Wrapping up the episode, Anna gives us the best UK and Europe based adventures for 2021.

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