Operate Intelligently Podcast


Expecting the Unexpected: Hurricane Preparedness (Ep. 80)

Ep. 80

Friends of the podcast Bob and Tony are back with Brian to talk about the best ways to get organized for hurricane and general disaster preparedness, including creating a plan, documentation and more. 

In Episode 80, you’ll also learn about: 

  • Where to start with disaster preparedness 
  • Have a plan, know who needs to be involved, have a communications plan  
  • Understanding your role in different situations (knowing who is in charge) 
  • Various phases of disaster prep and response  
  • How your insurance carrier can help you with disaster prep 
  • Testing your plan with a dry run  
  • Know what is needed for documentation and assign one person to this area 
  • How often you should evaluate your plan 
  • What equipment you can have ready for response