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Preparing Before & After the Storm (Ep. 55)

Today, we’ve got a lot on our minds. It’s the 16th anniversary of 9/11, and we’re in the midst of Hurricane Harvey clean-up and bracing for Hurricane Irma. Bob and Tony talk about how to effectively prepare for a natural disaster and what you need to know and document after the event.

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  • 127. Staying Positive Amid COVID Fatigue (Ep. 127)

    Josh is joined by Mary Beth Ormiston, operations and risk management expert, to discuss the current landscape with COVID in operations and tactics for staying positive during COVID fatigue. Show Notes: Contact Mary Beth at 
  • 126. Avoiding Profit Killers in Maintenance (Ep. 126)

    Josh and Paul Lachance tackle an interesting topic: profit killers in maintenance. Learn more about what profit killers you could be avoiding today. Show Notes: Blog: 4 Methodologies to Help You Avoid Profit Killers 
  • 125. All About Strategic Asset Management (Ep. 125)

    Josh is joined by Ashay Prabhu, VP of Strategic Asset Management at Dude Solutions and co-founder of Assetic, to talk about strategic asset management and moving to long-term planning for budgeting for assets and infrastructure. Show Notes: Strategic Asset Management Sheet Rancho California Water District Client Success Story What is Strategic Asset Management & Why Should I Care Video 
  • 124. Our Process for Product Innovation (Ep. 124)

    Josh is joined by three product experts at Dude Solutions: Kyle Adamo, Braden Witt and Sarmad Sarsam to share more around the processes for innovating on software products and how we use client feedback along the way. 
  • 123. Shaping Your Work Identity (Ep. 123)

    A few months ago, Josh sat down with Leslie Douglas, Sr Sales Manager at Dude Solutions, to dive into how you can shape your work identity and connect your purpose and passions to the work you do. Find out how you can focus on permission, purpose and plan to build your work identity. SHOW NOTES:Follow Leslie on LinkedIn or Instagram 
  • 122. Asset Management Advice for Local Government (Ep. 122)

    Josh is joined by Seth Robertson, Director of Funding & Asset Management for WithersRavenel, to discuss improving infrastructure in our cities and best practices for asset management. SHOW NOTES: WithersRavenel  NC Local Government Commission  Reach out to Seth: 
  • 121. Our Actions Against Racism (Ep. 121)

    Josh and Ashylnd Johnson, Client Success Manager at Dude Solutions, talk about how we’re taking steps as a company to be more proactive about supporting racial equality. They discuss the seven actions Dude Solutions is taking, as well as how our Hues of Dude resource group is helping. SHOW NOTES: Black Lives Matter: How Dude Solutions is Taking Action blog Blacks in Technology Reach out to Ashlynd:  
  • 120. Disaster Cleanup in Alaska (Ep. 120)

    Josh talks through earthquake recovery procedures in Alaska with Shannon Rasic, Business Development Manager at Anchorage Public Schools, after their 7.1 magnitude earthquake in late 2018. They discuss how their work order system helped with clean up procedures, as well as best practices for emergency preparedness. SHOW NOTES: Register for our webinar on stimulus funding 
  • 119. What to Know About Water Quality (Ep. 119)

    Josh talks with Erica Walker, Director of Environmental Policy & Programs at 120Water, about managing water quality and testing. They discuss the risks of facilities not being used during COVID-19 with disinfection and corrosion and ways to help with flushing, metals testing and building your water management plan. SHOW NOTES: 120Water Register for our webinar on stimulus funding