One Torn Every Minute

In this pant-wetting podcast, author Beth Morrey interviews women who’ve given birth and want to talk about it in gory and glorious detail. Each guest tells us the eye-opening, cervix-opening story of their own labour, from start to finish. With punch-...

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  • 6. Jane Garvey

    National treasure Jane Garvey describes the unique euphoria of delivery, followed by an unwelcome bout of Christmas Day constipation that saw her father driving round London looking for laxatives. What a lovely box to look out for under the tree…

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  • 5. Catie Wilkins

    Comedian, writer, podcaster and all-round marvel Catie Wilkins tells us about her genetic tendency towards a quick birth. But don’t go hatey on her, because speedy deliveries are no fun. Particularly when you’re in a cleaning cupboard, have missed your epidural window and it’s a full moon…
  • 4. Marianne Levy

    The marvellous author and journalist Marianne Levy pops in to describe the world’s longest labour, how putting ‘no forceps’ in her birth plan didn’t necessarily work out, and why her husband was traumatised by a plate of chicken. 
  • 3. Athena Kugblenu

    Comedian and goddess Athena Kugblenu joins us to talk about the dangers of inviting your mum to be your birthing partner, how measuring dilation can be an inexact science, and why giving birth well after your due date results in cuter baby pictures. 
  • 2. Sara Barron

    We’re joined by the fabulous comedian Sara Barron, who has a few things to say about morning sickness with a vomiting phobia, being in labour at a hotel during a party, and the things a health visitor shouldn’t say when examining one’s infected vagina…
  • 1. Sophie Ellis-Bextor

    The super-impressive Sophie Ellis-Bextor, mistress of multiple caesareans, tells us about learning a martial art during pregnancy, knocking up a quick pie pre-surgery, and getting back in the popstar saddle just weeks after giving birth. 
  • 8. Isy Suttie

    Actress and comedian Isy Suttie discusses her urge to talk about discharge, turning her placenta into nourishing tablets, and the benefits of doing your tax return in the early stages of labour.