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Why Bother? Stuart Byrne Dyslexia

Season 3, Ep. 21

Being dyslexic is not a disability it’s a skill. It’s all about how your brain processes things and how you deal with this different way of learning. Stuart Byrne was diagnosed at age 8. In those days not much was known about Dyslexia but he had great support from his parents. Many years on he now leads the Dyslexia Support Group which enhances the services provided here in Gibraltar and offers support to dyslexics, parents, institutions and business to help create a more inclusive community. This podcast is sponsored by Octopus International Business Services.

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  • 1. Why Dyslexia? - Founding the charity, Stuart & Marie Byrne

    Welcome to the Why Dyslexia? A podcast series brought to you by Dyslexia Gibraltar and On the sofa with Rouge. Big thanks to Piranha Designs sponsor of this episode.This episode takes us back to the early 90's when Marie Byrne one of the founders of the Gibraltar Dyslexia Support Group (Dyslexia Gibraltar) started to find out about her son (Stuart Byrne) and what Dyslexia is. We speak to her about her journey of discovery and the charity's early days.Come and join us as we find out more about dyslexia in this episode of Why Dyslexia? This episode is one of six, so please follow us and listen to them all.
  • 5. WTF! - Young Enterprise - Tiny Minds

    Young Enterprise believes in the potentialof young people. It promotes education, inspiration and empowerment through the world of commerce and this week on the sofa we have a group of inspiring young women who have thought out a fantastic product for ‘tiny minds’ to promote the revival of llanito, to educate children and to tell everyone about this beautiful rock that we live on. Find out how their book was produced, who helped them along the way and what led them to become runners up in the competition and win the coveted Sales Award. Congratulations to our future entrepreneurs!
  • 4. WTF! - Dunia Tyrell (part two)

    In part 2 of this incredible story Dunia meets her brother who travels to Gib all the way from Australia. When he arrives no one can believe how much he looks like her son JP! It brought so much joy to her after such a struggle to meet her Dad! Jjoin Dunia and Rouge on the sofa as they go through what is an unmissable conclusion to this moving story.
  • 3. WTF! - Nicole Victor

    Don’t you just love 80’s music, is it your guilty pleasure and do you love dancing to 80’s music? If you’ve answered YES to all these questions you need to contact Nicole Victor who has created a dance class called Mum-Dance. This dance teacher knows how to make you feel good with choreographed routines that more and more women are enjoying helping to keep them fit, full of life and giving them the opportunity to make friends and flourish. Join Nicole & Rouge as they discuss all the shenanigans. This podcast is proudly sponsored by Holland and Barrett.
  • 2. WTF! - Tony Hernandez

    Do you know what you’re talking about when it comes to wine? And when choosing a wine do you know where to start looking? Tony Hernandez, ‘The Wine Man, is a connoseiur extraordinarie choosing and selling wine with passion and flair. He boasts that in 3 questions he can choose the perfect wine for you but how does he do it? As an independent importer he’s bringing many different wines to Gib for all tastes and price ranges and now also offering charcuterie boards at his Wine Shop situated at the hub of our community in Main Street. Join Tony and Rouge on the sofa at Corks this week, you’ll definitely learn a thing or two. With thanks to The Wine Shop for sponsoring this podcast.
  • 1. WTF! - Monica Popham

    Monica Popham is an artist and illustrator from Gibraltar, who is currently based in Guildford. She studied Fine Art at Loughborough University and graduated in 2021. Rouge remembers when Monica started out making a name for herself as an artist in residence at The Rock Retreat, always very unassuming and humbly creating incredible pictures which let her to apply to takepart in her favorite show the Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2024.Little did she know that she would win the show and catapult to fame with her amazing landscapes which actually is not her favourite thing to paint!!!All the tea on this podcast with Rouge kindly sponsored by The Beacon Press.
  • WTF! - Trailer

    What happens when you reach the top of your own personal mountain? Achieve a long held goal? When your dream becomes reality? How does that feel, and more importantly, what comes next? These are some of the questions I'll be exploring with my guests in Season 4 of On the Sofa with Rouge. I'll talk to people who have set out to achieve something, and, sometimes against the odds, have succeeded. Series 4 is called, WTF! - Wow, That's Fantastic! But I'm also interested in what happens next, what does it mean to finally achieve that milestone, to reach that summit, then what? Is it all downhill from there? What happens if you achieve your goal at a young age? Perhaps that means you're the type of person that can't simply lie back and enjoy the fruits of success, but has to keep setting out for a new peak, a new challenge, an even bigger mountain to conquer? This podcast will explore some of the implications which flow from success, in whatever field. Listen out for WTF - coming soon!
  • 4. Beating Stress with the Infinity Group

    On episode 4 of this podcast series with the Infinity Group we learn how to beat stress. April is stress awareness month so Nutritionist MJ Feeke and the groups MedicalDirector Dr. Krish Rawal join Rouge on the sofa at Monique’s this time to discuss what causes stress, what does it do to you physiologically and what life hacks can they share with us to help us live better for longer, stress free! On the Sofa with Rouge and the Infinity Group, an open conversation about living a better life and how the Infinity Group can help you. This podcast is sponsored by the Infinity Group.
  • 12. Street Talk with Dav & Rouge S4 E12

    Last in the series StreetTalk episode 12 comes to you from Dav’s house in Harbour Views. What’s the best way to book your holiday? Why are we having power cuts? And …. Have you ever thought about becoming a BSL interpreter? Join us on Dav’s sofa and enjoy StreetTalk the Llanito podcast. This podcast is sponsored by the Travel Counsellors.