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Why Bother? Stuart Byrne Dyslexia

Season 3, Ep. 21

Being dyslexic is not a disability it’s a skill. It’s all about how your brain processes things and how you deal with this different way of learning. Stuart Byrne was diagnosed at age 8. In those days not much was known about Dyslexia but he had great support from his parents. Many years on he now leads the Dyslexia Support Group which enhances the services provided here in Gibraltar and offers support to dyslexics, parents, institutions and business to help create a more inclusive community. This podcast is sponsored by Octopus International Business Services.

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  • 2. Infinity Aesthetics with Dav & Rouge

    Dav & Rouge are back at the Infinity Aesthetics boutique in Ocean Village to learn about the Opatra machine and to experience a total skin analysis to determine the effects of sun damage, ageing, lack of moisture and what they should do to prevent any more damage. Beauty therapist Maria analyses their skin with the Opatra machine and explains in detail what has been happening to their skin over the years. The girls get tested individually but who has younger looking skin and who is doing a better job of caring for their skin? Join them as they experience this unique analysis and find out who is looking younger! This podcast is sponsored by The Infinity Group.
  • 23. Why Bother? Nadine Dellipiani

    Of all the rewarding jobs in the world being a midwife is up there amongst the best of them. Nadine Dellipiani has been a midwife for 17 years, she has helped bring life into this world with all its ups and downs. A fascinating insight into a specialized job with a it’s ever changing daily routine bringing pure joy to families and always keeping calm under pressure. Join Nadine on the sofa with Rouge for this weeks episode! This podcast is sponsored by Boux Avenue, Gibraltar.
  • 8. Street Talk with Dav & Rouge S4 E8

    If money were no object what would you do? Have you ever thought about this? And have you grown out of friends and realized that actually you no longer have anything in common with some? And, life long advice, have you ever been given some?? These and many more questions discussed on #Streettalk episode 8 coming at you from Main Street chez Rouge! Oh, and Dav’s last show with long hair….. she’s going for a radical trim! Don’t miss this weeks episode! This podcast is sponsored by the Travel Counsellors.
  • 22. Why Bother? Cursillo Movement Gibraltar

    In a troubled world many people find solace in spirituality. The Cursillo Movement in Gibraltar has been offering guidance towards a renewal of Faith for many years now. This heartfelt talk with Gillaine Bear and Mark Rodriguez explores why they choose to do the Cursillo, what it means to them and how they are hoping more people will benefit from taking part. This podcast is sponsored by The Seawave Restaurant.
  • 7. Street Talk with Dav & Rouge S4 E7

    Dav is ‘best in show’ this week wearing her badge and proudly proclaiming her birthday. She’s a happy girl today celebrating her 43rd birthday and feeling content with life! Better make the most of it before she changes her mood!!!! This week on episode 7 the girls discuss whether shop assistants or restaurant staff from Spain should speak English as a matter of courtesy, why some people like to clip the nails outside their windows onto the street and getting a smear test appointment, what should and shouldn’t be happening. Another full on, fun filled episode kindly sponsored by the Travel Counsellors.
  • 6. Street Talk with Dav & Rouge S4 E6

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and 1 in 2 people are affected by cancer in their lifetime. This week on StreetTalk Dav & Rouge discuss mammograms and their importance and how lucky we are to have mammograms available from the age of 40 in Gib. A recent 90’s dj event causes disappointment for some and road rage, yes the girls are at it again. Join them for another installment of this local llanito podcast you just can’t do without. This podcast is sponsored by the Travel Counsellors.
  • 20. Why Bother? Nicole Buckley

    Nicole Buckley is a powerhouse, a force of nature with a dream. When her son was diagnosed with autism there was not much in place in Gibraltar to support her and other families with neurodivergent children. Her dream was to create a safe space which was fun and creative and open to everyone in Gibraltar. A place where families are supported where children are cared for and where the community has a haven to take their family member. A heartwarming story about a Mother trying to create a better life for her child and others. This podcast supports PossAbilities.
  • 5. Street Talk with Dav & Rouge S4 E5

    Street Talk episode 5 has just dropped with guests this week including Jerome Mascarenhas from Travel Counsellors who discusses travel trends, where people want to go on holiday and what the special offer of the week is and Vanessa Bautista joins us from the Cardiac Association who tells us what the charity is doing in Gib to raise funds and awareness to enhance services already provided in Gibraltar. A few winges here and there and Dav’s hair is looking particularly nice this week! Shenanigan’s afoot in this weeks episode. This podcast is sponsored by the Travel Counsellors.