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2x World Champion Siri Lindley on Connecting to Your Greatest Strengths

Today we welcome Siri Lindley, a 2x World champion triathlete, author, speaker, animal activist, and cancer survivor. Named one of Tony Robbins’ 10 Favorite Motivational Speakers, Siri is also a life coach and distinguished keynote speaker, where her mission is to “positively influence others, to help empower individuals by connecting them to their greatest strengths.” After beating life-threatening Leukemia in 2020, Siri found a new sense of strength and grit that has allowed her message to resonate even louder, and on today's show, she gives us a glimpse into her special formula for success... including how she tore up the script of self-doubt in her own life and transformed into a world champion.In addition to being an iconic speaker and athlete, Siri and her wife, former professional triathlete Rebekah Keat, co-founded two non-profits: Believe Ranch and Rescue, rescuing horses from slaughter, and Horses in our Hands, lobbying a ban on horse slaughter. Siri is a dynamic human with a bright light, and today we shine it in your direction - tune in!Listen to this show if:You’re a human who wants to connect with your greatest strengths to live your boldest, most empowered lifeYou keep hearing about what it means to live “aligned” but you’re like - umm, I’m just trying to survive. Huh?You want a lesson in grit, courage, & perseverance - from someone who knows what it looks like on the other side