Giles Coren Has No Idea

Each week Giles Coren finds himself with no idea what to write about in his weekly column. Having read all the papers and found nothing of interest whatsoever, he takes a break and does the school run. That’s where his wife and fellow journalist Esther...

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  • “This is not the end; this is not even the beginning… can I go for a wee?”

    The subject of Russell Brand prompts Giles to ponder the merits of being a conspiracy theorist. Esther has been given the nod that comedians aren’t very good in bed, or is that just another conspiracy theory. Prime Minister Sunak is taken to task over his rolling back of the Conservative party green agenda and does Paris actually exist, at least the fetishised American version of it? 

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  • 1. The Rest is Esther and Giles

    Giles and Esther are back for series eleven. Giles is annoyed with, well, everything, but podcasts and restaurants in particular. For a man who makes his living from both it could be problematic.On the menu this week is the cost of restaurants, as Rich Stein is started charging for ketchup and Tom Kitchen is charging one hundred and seventy pounds for a Sunday lunch. Yes, one-hundred-and-seventy-pounds.  What makes a good Dad, a thick neck or a firm hand? Giles definitely ticks one box. A surprising take on twenty miles per hour zones. And Esther is very interested in banning things.
  • 10. Going to the dump day

    This week’s pod was recorded on Wednesday morning, BEFORE Huw Edwards was named as the ‘mystery BBC presenter’ in question. As a result, Giles and Esther spend the first few minutes trying very hard to stay on the right side of libel law. Please do have a laugh at their (and Neil’s) expense as they walk a pointless tightrope. In other news; unique sounds, tennis is boring and for wusses and an alternate summer awaits.We’re off for a break. Hope to see you in September. 
  • 9. The Aussie one

    G’day cobbers! Giles and Esther take a considered look at the ECB equality report; they then take a far less serious look at ‘cheating Aussie b**tards’. Is twitter dead Esther pulls on the thread to find out. After a short break it is a whistle stop tour of Wimbledon past and present, Debrett’s guide and puppy yoga before Giles heads off to practice his didgeridoo and Esther feeds the Kookaburras.
  • 8. Act in good faith and eat the consequences.

    If you’re wondering what ‘bazball’ is Giles gives a mercifully short explanation before trying to apply it to life. Esther is preoccupied with various tall attractive fast bowlers.  They then discuss the perfect nap, the art of grifting and the sensitive subject of temperamental performers. Giles is very honest as he discusses how in the past, he earnt a reputation for being ‘difficult.’Giles and Esther are away next week. They’ll be back with a new pod in two weeks’ time.
  • 7. The Non Pod

    What do ‘Carry On’ actor Bernard Bresslaw and American actress Zendaya have in common? Not much I imagine, but they do both appear in this week’s pod.Giles and Esther give their take on middle age, British AI and Johns Hopkins University’s definition of a lesbian. Giles decides to introduce Billy Bunter to cruciferous vegetables (no, me neither), and they consider if they have ever changed their own or anyone else’s mind, about anything, ever. To find out, have a listen. And if you like it, please do subscribe.
  • 6. The sniff test

    If I say ‘the Queen’ who do you think of? Camilla or Elizabeth? Esther makes the same mistake, but Giles is too busy thinking about ex girlfriends.  Is the Bible compatible with modern sensibilities? Giles and Esther have a stab at de-sexy-fi-ing it.They also tackle vet bills and Prince Harry before Giles decides to see what lurks at the back of the fridge.