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“Poetry within business” by Dishoom’s Shamil Thakrar

Season 6, Ep. 9

Dishoom co-founder Shamil Thakrar built one of the UK’s most successful restaurant groups by realising the value of poetry in business. Shamil takes inspiration from his late father, Rashmi Thakrar, who always found obscure nuggets of information to bring to the table. Shamil believes that for something to be truly successful, it must have a bit of poetry at its heart. 

Ninetwentynine is a podcast.

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  • 15. Ninetwentynine’s Final Episode

    Fiverr’s Head of Global Brand Marketing Liron Smadja joins Eshaan to wave goodbye to Ninetwentynine. This is the final episode of the podcast and they’re reflecting on the good times, what they’ve learnt and why you should consider making a podcast yourself. Ninetwentynine is a podcast.
  • 14. “The Art of Curation” – Jennifer Bandier

    Jennifer Bandier, the founder of athleisure brand Bandier, has found success by constantly being ahead of the curve since launching in 2014. She has a strong passion for discovery, which she has embedded into the brand’s culture and store experience, and she credits this passion as the guiding factor in her talent for curation.  Ninetwentynine is a podcast.
  • 13. “Adopting a growth mindset” – Shira Feuer

    Trinny London’s CMO Shira Feuer has led the brand’s innovative marketing strategy and has a core message that she leads her team with. She believes in encouraging a growth mindset so that her team can always be developing their skills and to never be afraid to ask questions to gain a better understanding. Ninetwentynine is a podcast.
  • 12. “Strong relationships in business are vital” – Dean Forbes

    Tech leader and CEO of Forterro, Dean Forbes, has had an impressive career and has been named as one of the UK’s most ambitious leaders. He credits building strong relationships as part of his success and is here to tell you how to build your own strong, impactful connections.Ninetwentynine is a podcast.
  • 11. “Viewing your life as an enterprise” by Anthony Villiotti

    Anthony Villiotti is both Associate Director of Global Finance at Sony Music and a comedian. He believes that your side hustle and your day job can work hand-in-hand and benefit from each other. He’s telling Eshaan how we should embrace all our interests at work and at play, and view our life as a single enterprise. Ninetwentynine is a podcast.
  • 10. “Beating imposter syndrome” by Michelle Elman

    Author, life coach and Queen of Boundaries Michelle Elman is giving tips on how to beat imposter syndrome. Michelle believes that we should be more selfish, set stronger boundaries and also build evidence of why we deserve our own seat at the table.  Ninetwentynine is a podcast.
  • 8. Esports pro Jeannail Carter on being authentic

    Professional esports player for Equinox Gaming and Red Bull athlete Jeannail Carter has built her career by acting on the things that she values the most. During her professional playing career, she has learned the importance of being authentic whilst building a brand.Ninetwentynine is a podcast.
  • 7. How Minor Figures created their community

    Minor Figures is the fastest-growing oat milk brand in the UK and the third most popular in Australia. Stuart Forsyth is the brand’s co-founder and CEO, and he’s a big believer in allowing space for ‘distractions’ in business. Here, he tells Eshaan how the community they’ve built has been key to their success. Ninetwentynine is a podcast.