Juskow in the City

  • 114. The Dueling Hamlet Riots of 1849

    That's right. One hundred years or so ago there were riots right here in River City (downtown Manhattan) over who's theatre had the better production of Hamlet. I only bring it up because it's my new course lecture and well -- it's incredibly hilarious and may make you feel a little better about the world today because nothing seems to change so. . . . -- Also this week, Artist Drew Friedman documentary; Gilbert Gottfried's daughter inventing the waffle sandwich; the Comedy Cellar Holiday Party (yes in April) 🤷‍♀️ and my mother's introduction roast of me before my lecture. I promise you, you will not find a stranger podcast then this anywhere else. Yay!
  • 113. The All the Presidents Parking Predicament

    Three Presidents past and present came into town this week and I know the first thing you thought of was "how would this affect Dave Juskow of Juskow in the City?" - and I appreciate that. Well, it was a nightmare, as usual. I thought they all hated New York City (except for Clinton), why do they bother me? Anyhoo, that, our friend Marcie coming to town; the Nickelodeon documentary and that poor Drake Bell and, again, "how does this affect Dave Juskow"; comedian Todd Barry's birthday party and how "Don't You Forget About Me" came to be sung by the band "Simple Minds". All this and more on an all new Juskow in the City.
  • 112. The Sure Thing

    On today's episode I lecture to my class on the importance of friendship and relationships. I'm worried about this generation of kids not having personal contacts and too much AI. I know it sounds silly but I've been seeing things with newer comics and my students that are worrying signs about the Earth's future. I know, right? But don't worry -- we're also talking about the Rob Reiner movie, "The Sure Thing", which I showed in class this week and according to the kids - it completely holds up so that's promising. Then of course, more cheese trouble at the Isle of Capri, intestinal trouble at Bloomingdales and a great night with college buddies. Well that's a well rounded episode I'd say. 😅
  • 111. Aaron Rodgers for Vice President

    On this week's episode we travel to Connecticut from the City which is a horrible task to have dinner with the great Paul Shaffer only to find out we're not having dinner with the great Paul Shaffer (Spoiler Alert); also another awful dinner at Morso which is just so classic that I keep showing up there; a visit to the Geek Squad trying to sell the classic coverage bogus plan; yes, you heard right Aaron Rodgers possible run on one of those other Kennedy idiots tickets and the new Comedy Central show in England that had me extremely confused (and you will be too). It's an all new Juskow in the City.
  • 110. SPRING BREAK!! 2 - Their First Assignment

    It's Spring Break again and it's once again time to Paaaarrrty! And, if you're like me that means a nice 6:00 pm reservation at a restaurant and then off to bed with you. But seriously folks. . . Went to dinner 3 times this week and nothing really horrible happened (darn). We did, however, get to burn that restaurant from last week as Evan called the owner and really let him have it. But, I should've just showed a movie this week in class - even my nephew fell asleep during my lecture. "I'm serious people, this is my job." AND, the newspaper search; beer flights and how stupid you are if you live in Queens. Yep, I went there. 😛
  • 109. The Scathing Book Club Review

    This week the director of Clueless & Fast Times at Ridgemont High comes to class to regale us with her incredible stories of how Clueless got made and how a woman in 1982 was able to direct a motion picture; AND, how the book club I joined and left pulled a "Blue Man Group" on me (you'll get it); also, scathing articles on my favorite restaurant, Jimbo's and our favorite TV Show, Big John, Little John. Oh, and of course -- a new restaurant issue. HELLO!! I would say all in all - THIS is the podcast that describes everything about Juskow in the City.
  • 108. The Tootsie Roll Bowl at the Carlyle Hotel

    The Carlyle hotel in New York City is a fancy hotel alright -- they have the fruit flavored tootsie rolls at the front desk and let me tell you something -- that's usually only Halloween candy - so that's real class. Also, this week, since I've become a professor, I've started giving notes on friends Stand-Up specials - even when they don't ask. Cause that's hilarious. My nephew tries to pull an AI scam on his paper; I go to the campus diner - which by the way is open till 1am. Manhattan, take a memo; and the awful steak dinner in Jersey.
  • 107. The Only American to see "Coup de Chance"

    As no one in this great nation of ours has the GUTS to release it, I had to take matters into my own hands to see the new Woody Allen movie. Also this week, the continuing pain in the ass literally and figuratively that comes from getting into a car accident that is not your fault; all the women of a certain age that asked me to dance on, ironically, Lincoln's birthday. 😜
  • 106. Days of Wine & Roses the Musical

    Yes, this week I went to see the Broadway musical, Days of Wine & Roses, which leads to the question, why make a musical on Days of Wine & Roses. BUT, I do enjoy complaining so - I like to see everything and it's hard for anything to live up to Back to the Future at this point so. . . Also, this week - a funeral for one of the comedy club owners in town; a classic Russian meal at an authentic Russian restaurant with a run in with the late Brenda Vaccaro (she's not actually dead, who knew?); and another dinner with Dave Attell. Fortunately, we're good until August now. 😅