Juskow in the City

  • 127. Sex With You is Really a Kafkaesque Experience

    . . . As the late Shelly Duval says in the legendary "Annie Hall". In which, of course, the only response would be, "thank you". That and talking about the movies, "Home Alone" today and how it was just a little film that could AND the brand new Netflix movie, "Beverly Hills Cop 4", which, spoiler alert, is Awesome! I guess I didn't do much this week except watch movies. 😂
  • 126. Law Camp

    This week on the podcast it's partying with the young kids a old man Juskow downs multiple jello shots and outdrinks everyone at the party. Proper Hydration works like a charm. Also reviews of the new Broadway play with Holland Taylor called N/A and the Netflix movie, A Family Affair with Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman. And finally, my friend's legendary 14 year old kid, goes to Law Camp for five weeks. I know it sounds like a joke - but it's not! This kid is nutty man - but in a good way. 😄
  • 125. The Magical 24 Hour Manhattan Fix a Flat

    Today we travel to the legendary Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan, USA to find a little hidden gem, open 24 hours that fixes your flat or gives you a new tire under 5 minutes. I don't understand it, I'm not questioning it, and still can't believe it exists. It's not even a garage. It's impossible to explain, but I try today on the podcast. I also end up going to disgusting Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. You can let anyone tell you what they want, but it's stupid there - BUT, it is a free Atlantic ocean beach. Also the incident at another dump beach in Belmar, NJ where I started a slam dancing competition that ended in chaos. You're just not going to get another podcast like this, you just won't!!! 😎
  • 124. The Cabin in the Woods

    On this week's episode we Juskow in the City, becomes Juskow in the Country. A place with no cell service and a possible recreation of the Manson ranch scene from "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". Also, another trip to Philadelphia with comedian Mark Normand and the new city I find I really don't like but keep having to return to. Get ready -- it's Juskow in the City - SUMMER EDITION! (which is the same as the other editions but. . .) Hoo waa!!
  • 123. The Protestors from Hell

    Comedian Judy Gold put together a day to tour the October 7th exhibit on Wall Street for some of the comics last Monday, including me and Dave Attell. Of course Judy also yelled at some of the people there that run comedy clubs because she wasn't getting booked and, well, that was pretty hilarious BUT that's what comics do - as you'll here today on the podcast. Also, having dinner with Tom Papa and going to an immersive experience of the guy who invented electronic music. Getting high was a requirement.
  • 122. Ben Platt to the Rescue

    Today we go old school USA and cross the Delaware once again to go the small little town of Bucks County PA. This little town has been around since the 70's and when I say 70's I mean the 1970's because I'm there to see Richard Kline from Three's Company and Marilu Henner from Taxi so . . . hey ooooo! Then it's back to Brooklyn for a CNN Correspondent party, to Queens for a spell at the Speak Easy and back to Manhattan to see Ben Platt live at the Palace because remember kids -- when you "die at the palace, you really die at the palace" - as Mel Brooks says in History of the World, Part 1.
  • 121. The Rolling Stones/Who Weekend

    Seeing The Rolling Stones for the first time was quite the thrill but getting to MetLife Stadium to see them called for an appearance by everyone's favorite character, Juskadan. And clearly all the people that kept yelling out my name at the concert means Juskadan is truly a fan favorite. And to continue legendary bands from the 60's Saturday night was "Tommy" on Broadway. Also, some touristy stuff for the tourists that were in town to visit so Juskow in the City can keep its namesake and then of course does Juskow in the City exclusively mean New York City? It doesn't have to as I make an appearance in the city of brotherly love and, run the Rocky steps - of course. Join the bonus show on Patreon to see it for yourself. 😂
  • 120. David Sanborn Was Cool

    The Nightfly is back to do a tiny tribute to the great David Sanborn and some of his influence, especially his work with the great Dave Grusin, Sting, David Bowie and David Juskow (I added my name in to make another David reference - I should see if he worked with Dave Grohl -- although I do have a clip of him on David Letterman - SO. . . we're good). Also, another, if you can believe it, anchovy incident - I mean, it's impossible, right? AND, sending my backpack home in luxury turned out to be a major financial mix-up and toting around turned out to be a pain being in such a small place as well (but it's all hilarious)
  • 119. West Virginia, Mountain Mama

    Juskow in the City is thinking of moving to the State of West Virginia - I mean, probably not but did you know it's only 4½ hours away from NYC? I didn't know that. Also, I have dinner with showrunner of One Day at a Time on Netflix, Mike Royce who confesses he told Dave Attell to give up comedy in 1988. You know, cause it just wasn't for him. 😅 And, the Roast of Tom Brady and the new 24/7 channel - all Charles in Charge, all the time. What a show!