MPB Student Council Podcast

Powered by MPB Education, the MPB Student Council Podcast is dedicated to providing an outlet of expression for Mississippi students to share their voice and ideas on diverse subject matter geared specifically toward their student generation. Featuring a variety of industry professionals, middle to high school students, teachers, and administrators, the MPB Student Council Podcast provides a platform for the discussion of various topics relevant to key issues amongst the state’s tween and teen population. MPB Student Council Podcast hosts are current members of Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s Student Council who actively serve as liaisons for MPB by disseminating information that is impactful to communities statewide.

Corinne Allen

8th Grade, Simpson Central School. MPB Student Council Secretary Corinne Allen is an active member of the Beta Club, a flute player in the band, cheerleader, basketball and softball player, and archery competitor at Simpson Central School. She enjoys doing community service projects and spending time with family.

Jenna Dent

10th Grade, Madison Central High School. MPB Student Council Chair Jenna Dent is an active member of the Madison Central High school Beta Club and student filmmaker in the Academy of Multimedia & Communications program. She enjoys reading, filming, taking pictures, cooking, and working on projects for high-tech video classes.

Jack Durr

8th Grade, Pearl Junior High School. MPB Student Council Parliamentarian Jack Durr is an active member of the Beta Club, American Junior Mensa Honor Society, and serves as the Vice-President for his school’s Student Council. He enjoys playing and being a part of Pearl Junior High School football, baseball, soccer, and track teams.

Deon Harrington, Jr.

8th Grade, Batesville Jr. High School. Deon Harrington, Jr. is a member of the Batesville Jr. High School band where he plays the drums. He enjoys reading, traveling, and conducting science research.

Kayla Latiker

11th Grade, Lanier High School. Kayla Latiker is a cheerleader for Lanier High School and a member of the Red Door Mentorship program. She enjoys reading, being an activist for her community, and uplifting classmates.

Makenna Mead

12th Grade, Hernando High School. MPB Student Council Vice-Chair Makenna Mead is a three-year member of the Digital Media Technology program. She enjoys filming, photography, writing short stories, drawing, and creating designs.

Myles Williams

12th Grade, Brandon High School. Myles Williams is an Eagle-ranked Boy Scouts of America member and Student Cadet for JROTC. He enjoys fishing, hunting, being outdoors, playing football, and helping make a difference in his community.

Kaylen Woodard

8th Grade, Simpson Central School. Kaylen Woodard is a part of the Simpson Central School basketball team and a member of the Yearbook Club. She enjoys helping others, working in the community, drawing, cooking, and fashion.