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174: Lasting Relationships with Michelle Hoffmann

Today's Guest: Michelle Hoffmann

Michelle Hoffmann is a Master Coach in Life and Business. She is an author, successful entrepreneur, and dynamic, entertaining motivational speaker. She specializes in helping widows and sole parents re-stabilize their lives after loss to live a full and happy life, though she holds the title of Director of Business Development in a variety of industries. For over two decades, she has catapulted successful careers working with executives, managers, and corporate employees. She is on the Board of several organizations, including the local Parents Club, Arts Council, a San Francisco school, and she is a Scout Leader. Her local Chamber of Commerce has honored her with Ambassador status.

Michelle is passionate about helping people create a life worth living despite loss. When Michelle's late husband passed away, she adjusted her professional writing and consulting to more personal support. It was at a workshop she delivered to Silicon Valley's Reboot Accel, an organization that helps women rejoin the workplace after a gap in employment, where Beth and Guy Kawasaki inspired Michelle to write a practical and compassionate guide to help widows and sole parents.

She lives in California with her brilliant children. She loves running with her Dalmatian, Pixel. Due to her appreciation of a good dinner party complete with fine company and fine food, she majored in "dinner" at the California Culinary Academy. To balance her culinary appreciation and sense of adventure, she coaches and teaches fitness in North and Central America, Europe, and Australia.

On this episode:

Amber is joined by Best Selling Author Michelle Hoffmann for a conversation on authenticity, grief, will power, and relationships. 

Tweetable Quotes:

"You're not at mercy to the world around you. We experience things exactly the way we allow ourselves to experience them." -Amber Fuhriman

"Will power essentially, is choosing to take the harder path." -Michelle Hoffmann

"Personal responsibility is asking yourself if you are you in control of what's happening in your life, or are you just reacting to what is happening."-Amber Fuhriman

"I realized If I could identify what grief held that I treasured, then grief no longer had a hold on me and I could move forward." -Michelle Hoffmann

Michelle Hoffmann:

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