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130: Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit with Cheryl Herrick

Early in her career Cheryl found herself running a small family owned medical device business which grew from a break-even company to $4 million in annual sales with 85% margins in only a few years. Cheryl credits the success to a solid method for running the business. The method is the business philosophy of Dr. W. Edwards Deming who is known as the founder of the System of Profound Knowledge. Cheryl has successfully repeated the use of the method in retail, service-based businesses, including self-development sectors, where she was the highest selling independent contractor and producer of programs, as well as product-based businesses. More recently leaving her post as the co-general manager of a 100-employee automotive company, to pursue consulting and coaching, focusing on helping others use Dr. Deming’s methodologies. Cheryl is a partner in a start-up producing new technology houses and is also the founder of Ponytail Racing LLC, a Motorsports company doing good in the world, and whose current programs are giving back to Military Veterans who have PTSD and other wounds of war.

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Cheryl sits with Amber and discusses growing up in a business minded family, and the importance of empowering the right people to make wise decisions that will help grow your business.

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"Every system has to have an aim... and the most powerful aim is for everyone to win." -Cheryl Herrick

"If you're going to quit, at the very least you should quit for the right reasons." -Cheryl Herrick

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