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050: Justin Hanover

Ep. 50

Justin Hanover is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and student of life. He began his career at 19 with only $2,000 in the bank. He started with personal training, opened a 500 sq. ft. location and grew to 6,000 sq. ft and 350 members over a 10 year span.

He realized he didn't want to continue this lifestyle, and made a massive pivot to being solely online. Now he trains entrepreneurs how to see success without sacrificing their lives.

Key Takeaways:

"The first 5 years of business was about proving everybody wrong." – Justin Hanover

"Dealing with what’s going on in your head is the most important thing to making any change at all." – Amber Fuhriman

"Be particular about what you focus on." – Justin Hanover

"We set the tone for what we would allow people to say to us." – Justin Hanover

"We don’t give ourselves enough time to master something before we add more to our plates." – Justin Hanover

Justin Hanover

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