Money Talks with Liam Halligan


Money Talks, Episode 56: Andy Scanlon, Co-Founder & CEO of VR Entertainment Group

Season 1, Ep. 56

Welcome to Money Talks – a series of interviews with Liam Halligan, Economics and Business Editor of GB News.   


In this episode, Liam talks to Andy Scanlon, the UK franchisee of Sandbox VR, one of the world’s leading location-based virtual reality companies. 


Sandbox VR provides fully immersive gaming experiences, in physical city-centre locations, involving teams of players. It has its own unique titles such as Amber Sky 2088 and Deadwood Mansion, which are all designed in-house. 


While working as an investment analyst in Singapore, Andy Scanlon visited a Sandbox VR venue. He was so impressed he contacted the Hong-Kong based owner – and was granted distribution rights across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. 

Having launched the first Sandbox VR venue in London in July 2022, Scanlon is planning further locations in Manchester, Birmingham and Dublin over the coming months. 

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