Money Talks with Liam Halligan


Money Talks with Liam Halligan: Steve Scrimshaw, Vice-President of Siemens UK

Season 1, Ep. 59

Welcome to Money Talks – a series of interviews with Liam Halligan, Economics and Business Editor of GB News. In this episode, ahead of the COP-27 summit in Egypt, Liam talks to Steve Scrimshaw, Vice-President of Siemens UK.

Companies like Siemens UK have been at the heart of efforts to develop renewable power sources like wind and solar, helping to reduce carbon emissions, with renewables now helping to generate up to 40pc of the UK’s electricity – themes developed during this interview.

A member of the Hydrogen Advisory Council, Scrimshaw also explains why hydrogen is such an important future fuel source, while calling for “a national endeavour” to deliver UK energy security and a net zero electricity system.

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