Money Talks with Liam Halligan


Money Talks with Liam Halligan: Former Brexit Secretary Lord David Frost.

Season 1, Ep. 60

Money Talks – a series of interviews with Liam Halligan, Economics and Business Editor of GB News.  


In this episode, recorded during the COP-27 summit, Liam talks to Former Brexit Secretary Lord David Frost. 


Until early 2020, Frost was known only to Whitehall and Westminster insiders. But after then Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed him as the UK’s Chief Brexit negotiator, he became a household name. 


In December 2021, Frost resigned from government. He admired Johnson but said he couldn’t support what was then called “Plan B” - the tightening of anti-Covid restrictions. 


Since then, Frost has written a weekly Daily Telegraph column and plied his trade in the Upper House, remaining a man of considerable political influence. 


In this interview, Frost casts doubt on the government’s Net Zero 2050 target, while accuses Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of “hypocrisy” for cutting a deal to import huge amounts of fracked gas from the US, while not allowing UK fracking. He also warns against raising taxes into the teeth of recession and tighter monetary policy, which he says risks throwing the UK economy into a “vicious spiral”.

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