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Joshua Freedman

Season 1, Ep. 3

We have a special guest this week with our CEO Joshua Freedman, who gives us 3 fascinating Moments of Clarity from his business and personal life. Joshua also talks about the effects of the pandemic on the wellbeing of society and shares how helpful being a part of the EQ community has been for him personally, and the people around him. If you or people close to you have struggled emotionally over the last year, then you should find comfort in this episode.

Joshua Freeman is a specialist on emotional intelligence, an author, and the CEO of Six Seconds, a non-profit dedicated to emotional intelligence (EQ). He has helped co-develop EQ assessments and published a number of books and articles on the topic, creating an international network of consultants and coaches.

This brand new Emotional Intelligence Podcast has a simple premise that elicits some fascinating insights from guests from all walks of life. Every week we will ask a special guest for 3 moments of clarity that contributed to a change in course in their life journey. It can be anything big or small. It could be a new job, new hobby, new adventure. Something that moved their life in a new direction.

We will be releasing a brand new podcast every Wednesday with guests from Six Seconds, our partners and interesting people living their life using EQ.

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Cormac Ryan

Season 2, Ep. 9
My guest this week is Cormac Ryan who has had an extraordinary life and he is still only in his 20s! Cormac has had a number of moments that have dramatically changed the course of his life including finding he needed a cardiac pacemaker implanted when he was just 18 whilst playing minor hurling for Dublin, who got to the All Ireland Final that same year.In 2021 Cormac took part in the RTE documentary Unspoken, which showed his journey from being diagnosed with an eating disorder and getting treatment at the Lois Bridges clinic. Then just a few weeks after completing that treatment he undertook to cycle 6000 km from Achill in the west coast of Ireland to Athens in Greece.What shines throughout this episode is Cormac’s will to overcome all the adversity throughout his life and the determination to help other people who are going through similar issues through his charity work.Every week I ask my guest for 3 moments of clarity that contributed to a change in course in their life journey. It can be anything big or small. Something that moved their life in a new direction. All my guests have one thing in common and that is they are inspirational people who when faced with adversity, whether in business or personally, see the positive way forward.This Podcast is produced by Six Seconds Europe, who are part of the global Non-Profit Six Seconds and are dedicated to growing awareness of emotional intelligence.Six Seconds Europe supports individuals, teams and organisations to develop and practise emotional intelligence to help increase personal and organisational effectiveness.For further information on Six Seconds and EQ please see our website Cormac on Instagram @cormacryann