Moments of Clarity - Journeys with EQ


Evanna Kearins

Season 2, Ep. 2

Evanna Kearins is Senior Vice President, Marketing EMEA at Pluralsight, a technology skills platform. Prior to Pluralsight, Evanna was VP of Global Field Marketing and ABM at DataStax, a data management software company.

Evanna has been nominated for numerous prestigious excellence in business awards: including The Blackberry Women in Technology Awards and the Stevie Awards for ‘Women in Business’. Evanna has also authored a No.1 best selling book.

As you can imagine with a CV like that Evanna has some great pearls of wisdom to share with us and she she talks about the importance of being aware of and using emotional intelligence with her staff during the pandemic. A topic all leaders in business with find both fascinating, insighful and helpful. This season the podcast features global leaders sharing real-life experiences on how they’ve used emotional intelligence to see the world, and themselves, more clearly.

Everyone has lightbulb moments in their lives that lead to a change. And change is a very topical word as we come out of the pandemic. People are reassessing their lives both personally and professionally and asking themselves what changes from the last two years do we want to keep. Everyone from individuals to companies have gone through huge changes over the last two years.

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