Movies That Make Us

It’s like book club, but for movies.

Do you have favorite movies you remember from growing up? The kind that you watched so many times you wore out the tape? Do you love talking about those movies, or quoting those movies? Are they part of the very fiber of

Our Hearts Will Go On

Season 1, Ep. 47
Before anything else, we want to thank Holly for this awesome suggestion. This week we are talking about the 90s classic, Titanic. This film was huge when it came out, having a long successful run at the theater. It was the largest grossing film of all time until Avatar (another James Cameron film). It won 11 Academy Awards out of the 14 it was nominated for (eat your heart out Joker).We share our thoughts on this cultural phenomenon. Val talks about how she wanted to be like her same name director, James Cameron, and Jake talks about his first job at the movie theater, right in the middle of Titanic fever, and Tracy talks about working at the video store and getting in trouble with parents for renting it to kids.Oh, and we talk about the movie too. It was a technical marvel, with solid acting and a good story. It was deserving of all the critical acclaim and all the hype of the time. This was a passion project for James Cameron and comes across in the film, as well as all the work we has done since the film to help with research for the actual Titanic.And if you listen real hard, you’ll hear a fun listener contest. Val has some prizes and we want to see your awesome “King of the World” pics. Listen hard, and we will explain how you can win.What did you think of Titanic? Let us know by sending your feedback to You can also send us any suggestions you have for a film we can cover. We would love to hear from you. Thanks for listening, and we won’t see you at the movies!

Sometimes You Have to Let the Dogs Out

Season 1, Ep. 46
The Oscar Nominations are out, as of January 13. There were 9 films nominated for best picture.And no women nominated for best director. Again. There were surprises and there were snubs. So it was just like any other year. And we are here to talk about it.We start the episode by discussing our apparel store, and we are going to remind you about it here. Please check it out, and pick yourself up an epic Movies That Make Us shirts or a nice sticker. Proceeds go to help us keep the lights on. So check it out here.We also recognize our fan, Holly, and share her wonderful feedback. We love you Holly, like we love all of our fans, you guys are why we do this show, and we love hearing from you.And we talk about what it feels like to be 40 and fell like you are in high school again. And going to your friend’s house. And not leaving the gate open so the dogs can get out. Then we talk Oscar nominations. We break down the major categories, like actor, actress, director, music, cinematography, and of course best picture. We pick our winners in each category, and talk about who we think should win.(They’re not always the same)What are your thoughts on the Oscar nominations? Let us know by sending your feedback to We want to hear from you. Have an idea for a show we could do? Let us know.Next week, we will move away from awards nominations and year in review type shows, and start talking about a movie each episode. You know, like we used to do. So you won’t want to miss it.