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Emotional Based School Avoidance

Season 3, Ep. 6

This week we’re joined by the Psychology and schools team who are sharing some of the ways we can support young people in attending school as well as the effects it can have on their parent and carers. The episode features service user feedback and experiences.

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  • 9. Self-esteem and belonging

    This week we're joined by Particip8!, a participation group run by the Suffolk Children, Families and Young People service within The Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust who discuss what self-esteem is, the effects school can have on self-esteem, the difficulty of comparison and expectations, social media and more.   Self-esteem and Believing in Yourself | Tips and Advice | YoungMindsLearn more about Particip8! here Get involved | Participation | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS (
  • 8. The Hospital Rooms Project

    This week we're joined by our Hospital Rooms project team and service users who talk about our collaborative work with Hospital Rooms, an arts charity focused on mental health. The episode gives a brief background on hospital rooms, shares the experiences of staff and service users within the project, the aims of the collaboration and more! 
  • 7. Maternal mental health support

    Today we're joined by Kelly and Bernie who talk about the Lotus Unit, in particular the pathways in it, how Bernie as a peer support worker supports you, support groups and additional support the team provide, partnership working with local organisations, the teams referral process, the importance of reaching out and talking to people and more.  Learn more about the service here: Service details | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS (
  • 6. The Discovery College at NSFT

    This week we're joined by Hope, our Recovery College (RC) tutor, who shares some information on their upcoming summer timetable, what the Recovery College is and what inspired it, a bit about Hope's role in the RC, some of the new courses that are now available, including the living your best life course, and more. Listen to the previous episode, focused on how to joining the Recovery College here College | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS (
  • 5. Growing the Veteran's support service

    Today, Wayne and experts by experience come together to discuss lessons learnt from previous events the group have attended, past experiences, the growth of the veteran support services and what they've learnt since its beginning. They discuss the next steps for the group, the importance of involving everyone, connecting to veterans and their families and more. Learn more about the national Op COURAGE service here Mental health support for veterans, service leavers and reservists - NHS (
  • 4. Safewards at NSFT

    In this episode we’re joined by a range of staff from NSFT and service users who are sharing their lived experience to help our Safewards project.The episode focuses on the Safewards Quality Improvement (QI) project, in particular: what it is, the model of care and what it means, how it fits into safewards, Safewards intervention measures, why we’re implement safewards, the collaboratives approach and more. Get involved with QI by emailing: Learn more about Model of Care by emailing: Learn more about the national Safewards project here: safewards-len-bowers.pdf ( See how NSFT is implementing Safewards here: Safewards | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS ( 
  • 3. Eating Disorders: Using Lived Experience to help others

    This week we're joined by Gemma and Steph who are both Peer Support Workers with Lived Experience of eating disorders. The pair discuss: eating disorder services provided at NSFT, their own personal experiences of eating disorders, their recovery, the importance of recognising progress in recovery, how they apply their lived experience to their role and more. Additional resources mentioned are: BEAT eating disorders - Matters -
  • 2. The role of Participation in Recovery

     This week we've been joined by Andrea and Liv who talk about what's involved in participation, how Liv got involved in participation, how it helped build her confidence and the benefits she's experienced.  Liv shares her journey from service user to participation to a Peer Support Worker at NSFT as well as more information about participation. Quoted links are below: Participation webpage - People's Participation webpage - opportunities to get involved -
  • 1. Managing Exam Stress

    To start the series we're joined by Beth and Linda from the Psychology and schools team as well as Courtney, Grace and James who have joined us to share their experiences of exam stress.The group talk about 'what is stress?', their experience of exam stress, the 'window of tolerance', how different styles of encouragement can work for different people, what young people have found helpful, working alongside parents and support systems and the importance of parents looking after themselves too. Watch a parent workshop on exam stress here: Managing Exam Stress - YouTube