Mental Health and You


Emotional Based School Avoidance

Season 3, Ep. 6

This week we’re joined by the Psychology and schools team who are sharing some of the ways we can support young people in attending school as well as the effects it can have on their parent and carers. The episode features service user feedback and experiences.

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  • 7. How do parents support their children and teenagers with social media

    Today we're joined by the Psychology in Schools team, as Beth, Emily and Faye discuss social media and mental health and how parents and carers can support their children with the difficult aspects of social media.Learn more about the team here: Search | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS ( at parent workshops, made by the Psychology in Schools team here: Parent workshops | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS (
  • 6. Co-production in the Rehabilitation team

    This week, we’re joined by Vicki (AHP Rehab Lead), Annabel (NSFT Service User and volunteer) and Lily-Rose (Annabel’s dog!). The team share the work they're doing together to support service users, REST and more!
  • 5. What is people participation?

    Today we're joined by Laura, Andrea and Service User Alistair, who discuss: what is participation? Alistair's experience of participation, how the participation team work, some of the benefits of participation and more. If you want to get involved with participation at NSFT, simply email or visit to find out more. 
  • 4. Chaplaincy at NSFT

    Today, Julie from our Chaplaincy team is joined by Andrea who discuss: what is involved in being a chaplain, what led to Julie joining NSFT and the chaplaincy team, how the chaplains support service users, some information on our multi-faith rooms and more! Learn more about chaplaincy:  Our Switchboard number:01603 421421  Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter:
  • 3. Joining the Recovery College

    This week Danny, Hannah, Mark and Rowena come together to share their experiences of the Recovery College, from a students point of view, the journey into Recovery College, what it is, how to sign-up and more!Visit the Recovery College webpage here: Recovery College | Norfolk and Suffolk NHSView the available courses here: Browse our Recovery College courses and begin your personal recovery journeyFollow the Recovery College on Social media:Twitter: NSFT Recovery College (@NSFT_RecoveryC)Facebook: Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
  • 2. Being a research nurse at NSFT

    Today we're joined by Donna, Claire and Zoe, who discuss what it's like being a research nurse, sharing a range of interesting insights into what they get up to and more.  Get in contact with the team on: Facebook: Research NSFT | FacebookTwitter: NSFT Research (@NSFTresearch) Or read more on our website Research | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS (
  • 1. Social media and mental health

    Today we're joined by Suffolk Children and Families Participation Group (Particip8), who launch series 4 of the Mental Health and You podcast. The group discuss their personal experiences of social media, how it's effected/effecting their mental health as well as some top tips on how to deal with social media. Let us know what you thought by contacting us on: Facebook: Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation TrustTwitter: NSFT mental health (@NSFTtweets)
  • 10. Living with Anxiety

    Today we're joined by members of Particip8 (a group of people with a personal interest in mental health for young people and a passion for improving mental health services) who share their experiences of living with anxiety and ways they've learnt to manage and live with it.
  • 9. Peer Tutors' journeys at NSFT

    Today we heard the experiences of peer tutors throughout their time at Recovery College from first going to a course, being a volunteer, through to becoming members of staff at NSFT. Learn more about the Recovery College here