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Hire The Right Service Advisor And Level Up Your Auto Repair Shop with Jodi and Darren Knepper

Ep. 73

Service advisors are a vital part of every auto repair shop. Making the right choice when hiring them can be the difference between boosting your automotive business, slowing it down, or drowning it. 

Ask yourself a simple question, would you rather bridle a racehorse or saddle a donkey? Because you'll work as hard for both of them. 

In today's episode, I'm joined by Jodi and Darren Knepper, Franchise Owners of Lee Myles Auto Care & Transmissions, in two separate locations, Birdsboro and Reading, Pennsylvania. 

Throughout our conversation, Jodi and Darren shared their experiences as franchise owners for almost two decades and how they balance having to "follow some rules" and imprinting their own style to the business. They also talk about the advantages of working with DVIs in clients' cars and how crucial service advisors are to selling them to customers. 

Additionally, they share their thoughts on hiring the right service advisor for auto repair shops, their passion for cars, and the funny story of how expanding their business to a second location came up.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why DVIs make Auto Care and Transmissions shops' lives easier (6:18)
  • What's the primary trait every service advisor should have (8:28)
  • Would you bridle a racehorse or a donkey? (12:08)
  • How to realize if someone is service advisor material (14:11)
  • Where is the best place to get good service advisors (17:13)
  • The story behind owning a second auto repair shop (17:59)
  • Always be the dumbest person in the room (26:47)


  • Lee Myles Autocare & Transmissions website

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  • 76. Why You Should Train Your Trainers with Jim Bennett

    Phrases like "Never let that technician talk to the customer" are more common than we think in the automotive industry. Still, there are simpler, more efficient, and profitable ways of dealing with the issue without locking a technician in a basement whenever a customer needs guidance or advice. In today's episode, I'm joined by Jim Bennett, Owner and Operator of CarMasters Automotive since 1998, President of the Hampton Roads NAPA Business Development Group, Board Member of the Virginia Automotive Association, and Director of Technical Training and Development at ATI. Jim's endless list of certifications is a testament to his passion for learning and developing creative solutions for the automotive industry. Throughout our conversation, we discuss the difficulties many auto repair shops face in hiring new talent, especially technicians. Jim highlights the importance of exposing managers, team leaders, and A techs to leadership training to make our lives easier as CEOs and improve our business workflow and growth. In addition, Jim explains how to elevate our leadership team by thinking of their leadership training in the long term, how to reverse the automotive industry's reluctance to leadership training, and more. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why does the automotive industry struggle to find technicians (3:38)Jim talks about the importance of exposing our leadership team to leadership training (8:01)The massive opportunity for technology lovers to contribute to making cars safer and more reliable (13:23)How a 5 years plan can help you elevate your team (19:11)The differences between being OSHA-certified and OSHA-training (25:38)Connect with Jim:LinkedInEmail: jim@autotraining.netLet's connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookEmail: