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Focusing On Individuality To Improve The Collective with JeanAnn St Grace

Ep. 56

What kind of vehicle are you? A semi-truck that needs a defined plan and route before hitting the road; a sports car, fast, agile, and always looking for shortcuts; or perhaps a diesel truck, a constant, consistent performer, who needs supervision and steady direction, but who always delivers? 

What about your internal customers? What kind of vehicles are they? 

In today's episode, JeanAnn St Grace visits us to share her unique view on group management, customer service, and how we react to and deal with our emotions. She is the Founder of The Simple Heart Sanctuary, a space dedicated to helping people take control of their healing journey. 

She highlights the importance for shop owners of knowing themselves before guiding internal customers, how we can use technology to create "owner manuals" on how to run a business, why it is crucial to embrace internal customers' uniqueness, and so much more. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How car issues can turn into personal issues (3:10)
  • Once you are in crisis mode, you're incapable of operating at any level (6:53)
  • Different people can't be managed exactly the same (10:25)
  • What kind of vehicle are you? (12:41)
  • Emotions are like a wave (22:34)
  • How to create (and use) an "owner manual" (28:02)


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How To Lead, Influence, and Trust Internal Customers with LeAnne Williamson

Ep. 64
We all want to grow our businesses, influence our internal customers and help them develop, grow, and become better professionals. But how many of us are prepared to delegate and trust our team members' decisions? Today, I'm joined by the fantastic LeAnne Williamson. She is an Executive Coach, Advanced Certified Profit First Professional, Certified Engagement Coach, DEI Certified, and Consultant at Automotive Training Institute. She also writes for Motor Age and for the ATI Blog. Besides her formal education, LeAnne is passionate about personal development and is constantly honing her craft by studying with some of the greatest, like Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, and Robert Kiyosaki, to name a few. Throughout our conversation, LeAnne dissects and explains leadership, what practices lead to an enticing, productive, and stimulating leadership style, and why so many shop owners struggle with delegating. We also discuss the importance of trust and accountability to achieve empowering levels of leadership, how to break old habits, and much more. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about LeAnne's background and why she is so passionate about leadership (2:43)Leadership is an influence process (7:25)The four styles of leadership (8:13)An advice for shop owners who can't let go of making all the decisions (14:43)Learn to embrace and accept change (17:30)You can always squeeze in some personal development training in your schedule (21:05)Sometimes, shop owners get in the way of their internal customers (26:03)Is advice always welcome? (34:05)Resources:Book: Michael Bungay Stainer - The Advice Trap: Be Humble, Stay Curious & Change the Way You Lead ForeverConnect with LeAnne:LinkedInLet's connect:LinkedInFacebookEmail:

How To Turn Satisfied Employees Into Engaged Internal Customers with Don Rheem

Ep. 63
Many shop owners make conscious and sincere efforts to keep their internal customers happy or satisfied, yet their retention rates keep dropping. Pizza parties and scratch-offs might get employees happy, but to get engaged employees who feel appreciated and valued, managers and shop owners need to do a bit more than that. In today's episode, I welcome Don Rheem to explain how neuroscience and behavioral science can help shop owners and managers to create engaged internal customers, increase retention rates and productivity, and transform the workplace. Don is an Author, Keynote and TEDx speaker, Culture Changer, and Founder and CEO of E3 Solutions. In his book, "Thrive by design," Don analyzes internal customers' performance from a brain-based perspective and offers tips and insights on increasing production and boosting engagement at a neurological level. Don was also a Technical Consultant to the Science, Technology, and Space Committee in the US House of Representatives and an Adviser to the Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services.Throughout our conversation, Don explains the difference between having happy and engaged employees and why the latter should be every shop owner's goal. We cover the reasons behind "the great resignation" or "the big quit" and how to avoid suffering from it by building solid teams. We also discuss how to prepare managers and team leaders to generate cohesion among their groups, the importance of measuring results, and much more. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Don and his passion for neuroscience (3:11)Why pizza and scratch-offs won't do the trick (even though they'll increase happiness and satisfaction) (6:57)The importance of making internal customers feel valued for more than the work they produce (10:56)Why are so many Americans quitting their jobs (14:36)"I can't take this anymore; guess what? I don't" (15:13)How to stop "the great resignation" at your shop (21:53)You can't manage what you don't measure (25:05)Resources:E3 Solutions websiteBook: Don Rheem - Thrive By Design: The Neuroscience That Drives High-Performance CulturesHow can work save our relationships? | TEDxBYUHow to Stay Ahead of the Future of Work |TEDxWarrentonConnect with Don:LinkedInLet's connect:LinkedInFacebookEmail:

How To Befriend Internal Customers And Keep Things Business Oriented with Greg Marks

Ep. 62
Having a family atmosphere in your shop makes everything smoother; it creates a great work environment and strengthens relationships, trust, and efficiency. It sounds simple, yet it is not so easy to get.  In this episode, we chat with Greg Marks, Owner, Technician, and Advisor at Marks Automotive in Jasper, Alabama. Greg's shop is known not only for its top-notch quality service but also for its unique culture. The work environment Greg created at Marks Automotive since the company started in 2013 is light, fun to be in, and inviting. Throughout our conversation, we delve into how Greg and his team created a family-like work environment and the challenges they had to overcome along the way. We also talk about how challenging it can be to establish boundaries and a boss/employee relationship while, at the same time, nurturing an honest friendship. Plus, Greg talks about the importance of training and developing internal customers, his journey of developing a second in command for his shop and the advantages of it, and so much more. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Marks Automotive family atmosphere and its creation (2:09)How to build solid boundaries while nurturing your friendship with internal customers (4:13)How to be ready to have difficult conversations (7:17)Greg's experiences developing a second in command (12:18)Trust but verify, always (21:40)How having a second in command improved Greg's personal and professional life (23:01)Resources:Marks Automotive websiteConnect with Greg:LinkedInLet's connect:LinkedInFacebookEmail: