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Transparency, Accountability, and Clear Communication at the Service of Auto Repair Growth with Fred Gestwicki Jr

Ep. 107

What is the best way to create a culture that positively impacts your auto repair shop?

In this episode, Jason Patel, Geoff Berman, and ATI's Collision Division Vice President, Keith Manich, learn from Fred Gestwicki Jr. from Fix It With Fred about the multiple benefits of clear communication and transparency when building an exciting and growth-promoting culture. Fix It With Fred is an AutoTechIQ Certified shop, and a cutting-edge technology-equipped auto shop in Canton, Ohio, that has been committed to customer satisfaction for over 13 years.

Throughout this episode, you'll hear Fred's insights on building a positive work culture, providing proper training, and empowering internal customers to improve efficiency and productivity. You'll also hear Fred's thoughts on including different pay plans to incentivize employees, like progressive flat rates, hourly pay, and profit sharing, and why it's imperative to build on clear communication, transparency, and accountability for making any of those work.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Fred's background and Fix It With Fred's mission (2:40)
  • Why it is crucial to have someone who loves "handling numbers" (8:00)
  • Fred shares his thoughts on the benefit of including different pay plans (14:40)
  • Why proper training can help you make more money (22:10)
  • How to get ready for a mindset change as auto repair shop owners (27:00)

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    How effective are your strategies to attract and retain A-Techs and higher-end sales professionals?In this episode, Dan Garlock, President of Silverlake Auto & Tire Centers, and Ricky Jordan Jr., President of Fifth Gear Automotive, join us to share their approaches to attracting and retaining talent in the ever-evolving automotive industry market. Throughout this episode, Dan and Ricky share their experiences shifting from passive to active hiring approaches, fostering a culture of intentionality, and providing their internal customers with the space and opportunities to grow. They also explain the importance of aligning recruitment strategies with the company's values and goals, implementing effective hiring practices, and more. Additionally, they talk about the dos and don'ts of interviewing technicians, the advantages of exposing internal customers to the decision-making process, the tools they use to aid their hiring processes, and more.In This Episode, You Will Learn:The differences between active and passive hiring (2:30)A different approach to quarterly meetings (8:30)How to get mission, vision, and values involved in the hiring process (10:40)How to promote internal customers' growth and opportunities for development (16:00)Using formal training for fostering continuous learning and development (19:20)The importance of mixing up hiring channels to attract diverse talent (20:40)Resources Mentioned:TeamtailorConnect with Dan Garlock: Silverlake Auto & Tire Centers' websiteConnect with Ricky Jordan Jr: Fifth Gear Automotive's websiteLet's connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookEmail:
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    If you were parachuted into the middle of the automotive industry, would you know where to start to build a profitable auto repair shop? Today's guests, Terry and Travis Griffith, weren't precisely parachuted into the automotive industry since their love for cars runs in their family. Yet they were "merely" car enthusiasts when they bought Ocala Auto Repair and turned it into one of Florida's most successful family-owned and operated auto repair shops.In today's episode, they share their experiences getting into the automotive industry with a hobbyist mindset, the lessons learned, the adjustments they made to adapt to the space, and how their diverse background helped them turn their new adventure into a raging success. Terry and Travis also talk about how they shaped Ocala Auto Repair's culture and how they keep things fun while respecting boundaries.Additionally, you'll hear about how they masterfully divide their tasks and responsibilities, how they settle the differences their generational gap and the father/son relationship keeps bringing up, their marketing approach, and more.In This Episode, You Will Learn:What led Terry and Travis to buy Ocala Auto Repair (2:30)From car enthusiast to auto repair shop owner (5:20)The importance of having clear duties and job descriptions (8:00)Marketing and generational differences (13:20)How to create a fun environment while keeping clear boundaries (18:30)Smiling faces get a lot of responses (26:10)Connect with Terry and Travis Griffith:WebsiteInstagramFacebookPinterestLet's connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookEmail:
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    Marshall Goldsmith said it first and best, "what got you here won't get you there." This premise works virtually in every aspect of life, yet in business and sports, it is remarkably accurate. Competitors (and rivals) constantly look for weaknesses in our game to exploit, take advantage of, and outperform us. Even when we are winning, we must take a moment to reflect on what can be improved. So, what can we learn from the 49ers' comeback against the Lions last week? Today, on another NFL-related episode, I'm joined by Jason Patel and Geoff Berman to analyze the Lions' meltdown at the NFC Championship against the 49ers and what we can learn from it and incorporate it into our auto repair shop's strategy. Geoff and Jason are Performance Coaches at ATI, proud owners of innovative thinking, and two of the most inspiring and compelling thought leaders in the automotive industry. Throughout this episode, you'll hear about the importance of being adaptable and innovative as a leader, understanding the consequences of your actions, and working constantly to strengthen your auto shop's weaknesses just as much as you know your competitors' weaknesses. You'll also hear Jason and Geoff's thoughts on how to build positive leadership in rough times, why you must take a step forward and recognize your failures, how to motivate your technicians, and more.In This Episode, You Will Learn: What did the Lions' meltdown teach us about growth strategies (4:20)Why adaptability is essential (9:00)The importance of being aware of our auto shop's weaknesses (13:20)What can you do to fail less next time? (16:50)Why do so many auto shops start strong and then decay? (24:30)What kind of half-time pep talk is the one you should be working on (30:00)Resources Mentioned:Book: Marshall Goldsmith - What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More SuccessfulAndy Griffith - What It Was Was FootballAbbott and Costello - Who’s On First?Connect with Geoff:LinkedInEmail: gberman@autotraining.netLet's connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookEmail: