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Ep. 335

Jessica Breanne is a Nashville artist who hails from the gloriously named town of Uncertain Texas. She joins Dwyer to talk about regularly visiting the grave of Lead Belly, how she stopped hiding and embraced her truth, her singing career as a child and how beekeeping mended her soul.

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  • 365. Tim Rutili - Califone

    Tim Rutili of Califone returns! Tim shares his thoughts about the pitfalls of nostalgia, the moment playing guitar felt like it was a part of him, the undeniable creepiness of Gene Simmons, and the process of making Califone's new album VILLAGERS. PRODUCTION NOTE: Due to bad internet there are a couple edits that jump a little time. I have much sadness about this. Opening Song, ox-eye from the album Villagers by Califone Villagers is out May 19th, 2023. Purchase it on Califone's BANDCAMPCalifone WebsiteDwyer's Substack The Eleventh Hour: Songs For Climate Justice Get a website from Kelly R Dwyer
  • 364. Michael Cormier-O'Leary

    Musician and songwriter Michael Cormier-O'Leary joins Dwyer to talk about The Inspiration of Virginia Woolf on his music, starting a record label the many voices of Tom Waits, his new album and how Dwyer’s weird way of speaking inspired a song for Michael. Opening Song Obtain from the album Anything Can Be Left Behind by Michael Cormier-O'Learyhttps://www.miricool.nethttps://michaelcormier.bandcamp.comhttps://itshr.bandcamp.comhttps://www.dearliferecs.comhttps://www.friendshipmusic.netThe Eleventh Hour: Songs For Climate Justice Get a website from Kelly R Dwyer
  • 362. Lia Kohl

    Chicago Cellist, composer and improviser Lia Kohl joins Dwyer to discuss the athleticism of playing classical music, her evolution of becoming an artist, the ritual of morning prayer, time, the search within improvisation and the self expression that exists in all humans. Opening song became daily today by Lia Kohl from her album The Ceiling ReposesLia Kohl's BandcampLia Kohl and Macie Stewarts album Recipe For A Boiled EggLia's website The Eleventh Hour: Songs For Climate Justice Get a website from Kelly R Dwyer
  • 361. Arthur Alligood - phoneswithchords

    Arthur Alligood of phoneswithchords joins Dwyer on an expansive and splendid conversation that covers a great many topics. Arthur shares his love of records shopping in Good Will stores solely for the great cover photos of gospel albums, what the fuck is up with Tennessee politics and where the citizens view it, his solo career and the DIY doing it for the love of the art attitude that birthed to phoneswithchords. This is a great and fun episode. Patreon Exclusive to Part 2 of the Conversation HEREOpening Song, Somebody Get Me To Dance," from the album Somebody Had to by phoneswithchordsPreorder Somebody Had To on Bandcampphoneswithchords InstagramArthur's solo bandcampThe Eleventh Hour: Songs For Climate Justice Get a website from Kelly R Dwyer
  • 360. Lou Crisitello - Perpetual Doom

    It is with great joy Lou Crisitello joins Conversations With Dwyer. Lou is a filmmaker and founder of Perpetual Doom which happens to be my favorite independent label. Lou joins me to discuss leaving the corporate world to start the label and production company Perpetual Doom, how the great Kyle Field of Little Wings helped mentor his journey, and the struggles and joys of running a label. We also have a few digressions into music fandom, Elvis, the Beach Boys and much more. This episode was a true joy to records. Praise be to Handsome Lou and Perpetual DoomOpening song "Cavin' In by Graves from the album "Gary Owens: I Have Some Thoughts," set to be released on June 30th on Perpetual DoomPerpetual Doom WebsitePerpetual Doom on Instagram: @PerpetualDoomDoom Preservation Society: Happy: Phil Thomas Katt and The Uncharted Zone Trailer: Sambol's BookThe Eleventh Hour: Songs For Climate Justice Get a website from Kelly R Dwyer
  • 359. Lydia Gammill - Gustaf (Part 2)

    This is the part 2 of the interview I did with Lydia Gustaf in 2022. It has lived on my patreon until recently but I decided it was a great conversation and should be released to the world. Lydia and I got into discussing the world if improvisational comedy, why people think it's okay to be dicks and much more. All things Lydia and Gustaf below. Part 1 to my conversation with Lydia HEREOpening song Best Behavior by Gustaf from the Album Audio Drag For Ego SlobsAll Things Gustaf can be found HERE
  • 358. Greg Saunier - Deerhoof

    I conducted this interview with Greg Saunier on April 26th 2022 to research a documentary I was trying to put together about Spotify and stream streaming services exploit the labor of musicians. Sadly the project didn't come to fruition but the insights of Greg Saunier and profound and important. I don't think many people take for granted that they can throw down $15 bucks a month for a streaming service, have unlimited access to music and how little of this money makes it into the pockets of the artists. Opening Song "Cigars All Around" by Deerhoof from the Album The Eleventh Hour: Songs For Climate JusticeDeerhoof also has a new album Miracle Level out. Here is Deerhoof's BANDCAMPThe Eleventh Hour: Songs For Climate Justice Get a website from Kelly R Dwyer
  • 357. Madeline Link (PACKS)

    Madeline Link of PACKS returns to discuss understanding the ins and outs of their first tour, mixing her new album with food poisoning, songwriting goals and Dwyer shares some thoughts on Elvis. Madeline achieved this great interview while continuously being attacked by a cat in Chili. You can listen to Dwyer's first conversation with Madeline HEREOpening Song - Abalone from the album Crispy Crunchy Nothing by PACKS.Crispy Crunchy Nothing is out March 31 2023 on Fire Talk RecordsThe Eleventh Hour: Songs For Climate Justice Get a website from Kelly R Dwyer
  • 356. Greta Kline - Frankie Cosmos (Part 2)

    At the end of 2022 Greta Kline of Frankie Cosmos came on to talk about her new album Inner World Peace and the song she contributed for The Eleventh Hour: Songs For Climate Justice. Frankie and I talked for over two hours. Originally the part 2 lived solely on my patreon page but I'm releasing it to the world now. In this half of the conversation we discuss meditation, why she writes so many songs, writers and the artists that influenced her. You can listen to the part one of the conversation HEREOpening Song "Table" by Frankie Cosmos from the album The Eleventh Hour: Songs For Climate JusticeFrankie Cosmos BandcampDonate To the Climate Emergency FundFrankie Cosmos WebsiteSub Pop MegamartGet a Website Designed by Kelly R