Making of a Hoodie Podcast


This Hoodie is ReclAIMEd

Season 1, Ep. 2

Fashion is facing a big problem with synthetic fabrics and deadstock piling up as waste. 

Join Celeste Tesoriero of Sonzai Studios, Elisabeth Harvey of NiCO., Qiulae Wong of B.Corp, Shyaka Lwanyaaga Farid, Athena Savvas of Mj Bale & Dale McCarthy of Bondi Born to brainstorm with Jack Manning Bancroft about the actions necessary to take immediately to solve the mountains of clothing dumped, and how to regenerate headstock. 

This is how the idea of ReclAIMED came to be, repurposing our previous hoodies to bring them a new life. Tune in to learn more about the process and our mission to bring systematic change one hoodie at a time.

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