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Sea the Weed

Season 1, Ep. 4

Welcome back to the making of a hoodie podcast where we tackle the concept of “regeneration”. This simple world changes meaning to drive sustainable action. How can we practice regeneration in fashion? Can seaweed be used as fabric and can we create completely compostable hoodies?

Join our host Jack Manning Bancroft and his guests – Damon Gameau (2040, Regenerate Australia), Adriana  Verges and Ezequiel Marzinelli (Operation Crayweed), Regina  Polanco (PYRATEX), and Ex-Mentees Lily Thomas  McKnight and Milla  Morgan.

We are in a time that as humans we can drive to move from industrial civilization towards a more ecological civilization in the upcoming decades. Join us to be part of systems change one hoodie at a time. 

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  • 6. This Years Co-CEO's

    On this episode, Jack and the 2024 Co-CEO's gather to discuss how a hoodie (or a puppet) can be a device for weaving action. Lorean, Kristy, Sarue, Gorata, Arthur, and Yolande discuss how change can be enacted using their new roles.
  • 5. Country in Chorus

    This episode we approach a vital conversation about the importance of systems change in mental healthcare. We’ll explore the power of sharing our experiences and learn how people with mental illness can work together to build supportive communities and a healthcare system that truly meets our needs.Be part of the movement of everyday Australians asking for a system that actually works. Visit and sign up to the mailing list. Use your experiences to make change.Guests Reuben Styles, Peking Duk and Y.O.G.AOsher Günsberg, TV and Radio host/producerMaggie Beer, chef, food author, restaurateur, and food manufacturerChris Raine, CEO of Australians for Mental Health Christine Morgan, CEO of National Mental Health Commission,Debasmita Moitra, Founder of Genesis For ChangeHostJack Manning Bancroft, Founder & CEO, AIME
  • 3. This Hoodie... unlocks Global Ambassadors of Equality

    Welcome back to Making of a Hoodie. This episode weaves through conversations about what it means to be a Global Ambassador of Equality and how we pass down deep knowledge from one generation to the next. Jack Manning Bancroft digs deep into the critical conversations with Steph Beck, Eddie Uini, Nia Lewis, Menaka Wijesinha, Aston Hawkins-Nicholls, and Abby Prades.We ask you to take off your shoes, find a quiet corner in nature, and feel the ground with your bare feet. Come with us as we lean into Indigenous systems thinking. What is a Global Ambassador of Equality? What is IMAGI-NATION{University}? And how can we change systems to leave a strong impact and lasting legacy for humanity?
  • Coreen School

    For this episode of The Making of a Hoodie Podcast: Schools, we’re travelling to Blacktown, to celebrate a school, and the staff and students who make it such a special place. Coreen School, Coreen is an Aboriginal word meaning 'the last of the hills'. Coreen School is a powerful example of a school committed to support their students in all their needs. The teachers are mentors who not only are there for their students' academic endeavours but also strive to create an environment that supports their wellbeing. How can kids get equal opportunities no matter their needs? The stories are about the teacher's approach to every kid with respect and their work to help the students build confidence for when they leave school, they leave without doubting themselves.Join the staff & students as they design their school uniform hoodie and take us through their school story, embracing our shared history & their hopes for the future. Producer: Penny WittenbakerAudio engineer & Editor: Bevis Masson-Leach
  • 2. This Hoodie is ReclAIMEd

    Fashion is facing a big problem with synthetic fabrics and deadstock piling up as waste. Join Celeste Tesoriero of Sonzai Studios, Elisabeth Harvey of NiCO., Qiulae Wong of B.Corp, Shyaka Lwanyaaga Farid, Athena Savvas of Mj Bale & Dale McCarthy of Bondi Born to brainstorm with Jack Manning Bancroft about the actions necessary to take immediately to solve the mountains of clothing dumped, and how to regenerate headstock. This is how the idea of ReclAIMED came to be, repurposing our previous hoodies to bring them a new life. Tune in to learn more about the process and our mission to bring systematic change one hoodie at a time.Producer: Penny Wittenbaker
  • 1. The Class of 2020

    For the first-ever episode of Making of a Hoodie, we wanted to celebrate some very special heroes. The Class of 2020: the kids navigating the complex reality of a year like no other.Eight year 12 students from India, Zimbabwe and Australia gathered together with AIME Founder and host Jack Manning Bancroft to discuss what the year has been like, the challenges and opportunities that have come from it, and to design a hero hoodie together that represents everything they've been through this year. 
  • 2. Making Something Outta Nothing

    For this episode of the Making of a Hoodie Podcast, we're travelling to a small town an hour and half south of Sydney Australia, to celebrate a school, and the staff and students who make it such a special place. Dapto High School is a beacon of forward thinking, positive education and collaboration which believes in an ethos of "convince not command."Join the staff and students as they talk about their school, embracing our shared history and their hopes for the future and head to to purchase the second ever Hero Hoodie designed by the students at Dapto High School.If you want to purchase the Hero Hoodie designed by Dapto High School and support the work AIME does, visit Penny WittenbakerAudio engineer & Editor: Bevis Masson-Leach
  • 1. This Hoodie... creates Co-CEO's

    On this episode Jack interviews all of AIME's Co-CEO's for 2022 including Rhian Miller, Jacqueline Twillie, Shyaka Lwanyaaga Farid and Vhutali Nelwamondo. They discuss what it would mean for all companies and organisations to have a Co-CEO program and meaningfully bring in diversity into every space.