Making of a Hoodie Podcast


Sea the Weed

Season 1, Ep. 4

Welcome back to the making of a hoodie podcast where we tackle the concept of “regeneration”. This simple world changes meaning to drive sustainable action. How can we practice regeneration in fashion? Can seaweed be used as fabric and can we create completely compostable hoodies?

Join our host Jack Manning Bancroft and his guests – Damon Gameau (2040, Regenerate Australia), Adriana  Verges and Ezequiel Marzinelli (Operation Crayweed), Regina  Polanco (PYRATEX), and Ex-Mentees Lily Thomas  McKnight and Milla  Morgan.

We are in a time that as humans we can drive to move from industrial civilization towards a more ecological civilization in the upcoming decades. Join us to be part of systems change one hoodie at a time. 

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