Making of a Hoodie Podcast


Coreen School

For this episode of The Making of a Hoodie Podcast: Schools, we’re travelling to Blacktown, to celebrate a school, and the staff and students who make it such a special place. Coreen School, Coreen is an Aboriginal word meaning 'the last of the hills'. Coreen School is a powerful example of a school committed to support their students in all their needs. The teachers are mentors who not only are there for their students' academic endeavours but also strive to create an environment that supports their wellbeing. How can kids get equal opportunities no matter their needs? The stories are about the teacher's approach to every kid with respect and their work to help the students build confidence for when they leave school, they leave without doubting themselves.

Join the staff & students as they design their school uniform hoodie and take us through their school story, embracing our shared history & their hopes for the future. 

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