cover art for "The idea of Africa as a country is almost a positive" - Yinka Adegoke on coming to America

Limitless Africa

"The idea of Africa as a country is almost a positive" - Yinka Adegoke on coming to America

Season 2, Ep. 14

Yinka Adegoke is a Nigerian journalist who has lived and worked in New York City for the last 18 years. He tells us about the stereotypes he's encountered.

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  • 17. Biden VS Trump: Which US president is best for Africa?

    Three African journalists choose the best US presidential candidate for Africa.José Gama is an experienced journalist from Angola, one of the economic powerhouses of the continent.Francis Kpatindé is the former editor of Jeune Afrique. He’s now a political commentator at le Monde among other publications.Yinka Adegoke is a seasoned Nigerian journalist specialising in tech and business. He’s currently editor of the media platform Semafor Africa. 
  • 16. "I want to show them that it's possible" - Kate Kamau and Meg Whitman on women in the creative industries

    Kate the Actress and US Ambassador Meg Whitman on the growing creative industries in Kenya. The Kenyan superstar Kate Kamau talks about her film career, why she's going behind the camera and what #MeToo has done to the industry.
  • 15. Can Kenyan film go global?

    Actresses Kate Kamau and Idah Alisha, plus film director Reuben Odanaga explain how they’re flying the flag for the Kenyan film industry.
  • 13. What's it like to start afresh in the USA?

    Migrants have made America. And for many, the dream is still to come to the US. But what happens when that dream comes true? Three Africans tell us about coming to America.
  • 12. "It's a mental health issue" - model Nykhor Paul on European beauty standards

    Model Nykhor Paul moved to the US from Sudan at ten years old. She talks to journalist Abigail Musherure about how modelling saved her life, why she tries to challenge European beauty standards, and the criticism she receives for being raised by white Americans.
  • 11. How can we champion African beauty?

    We speak to three black beauty entrepreneurs challenging stereotypes and championing natural beauty.Mari Malek, the South Sudanese model who started the beauty brand WAU.Patricia Lamah, a beauty entrepreneur from Guinea, has a chain of beauty salons where she sells her own beauty products.Carmen Miral is the founder of the Mozambican natural skin and haircare brand, Black Khakhela
  • 10. "There is power in telling personal stories" - The LGBT activists pushing for change in Africa

    Three activists on how they came out and what their sexuality means to them.
  • 9. Can religion help defend LGBT rights?

    LGBT rights are often seen as contradicting religious teachings. We talk to three young queer people about how they use faith in their activism.Thuli Mjwara works at the Inclusive & Affirming Ministries (IAM) in Cape Town, South Africa. Tom Twongyeirwe Junior is a National Coordinator at Universal Coalition of Affirming Africans Uganda and a 2023 Obama leader. Gloria is a human rights defender and a feminist working in Ghana.