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Food industry expert Jane Milton has been in the business for more than 30 years and has the inside track on all things food!In her podcast, Jane takes you behind the scenes in the food industry and introduces you to her

Let Me Introduce You to Claire Clark, Pastry Chef, Author , Pastry Consultant, Business Owner

Season 2, Ep. 13
Let me Introduce you to Claire Clark MBE ,consultant pastry chef,the only woman in the UK to be awarded an MOGB ( more of that in the episode).Claire and fellow pastry chef, Sarah Crouchman, partner in Pretty Sweet a high-end Patisserie catering service producing pastry treats for hotels, events like Chelsea Flower Show, Wimbledon and desserts for The Brit Awards. In the week we record this they are making 1100 Yule logs and hand decorating 350 Christmas cakes that they have baked as well as hundreds of small, individual desserts …. all with an incredible finish and eye for detail.Claire has workedat the Ritz, intercontinental, Claridges, Buckingham Palace and in California with Thomas Keller for 5 years at the French Laundry.She has worked alongside some of the best known chefs and pastry chefs in the UK, and has loved the opportunity to learn from them all.We talk about what her current day entails , about running a business as well as creating new products and working out the schedules, timings etc for all of that day’s productionWe talk about being organised, methodical, practical and if that is why pastry attracts a lot of female chefs rather than the main kitchen where things are very urgent and very much here and nowClaire reveals she is a Marmite loverShe talks about travelling to California to work with Thomas Keller at the French Laundry, as someone who is very close to her own family and had never missed a Christmas with them , and how it surprised her she did that, stayed 5 years and loved it.We talk too about the challenges facing the industry , about the shortage of skilled pastry chefs and how we can encourage more people into these jobsFor all that Great British Bake Off is a huge hit, there are still not the numbers of people we need wanting to learn these skills and work their way up, the way that Claire did …

Let Me Introduce You to Marlena Spieler, the Food Writer , Broadcaster and All Round Cheer Leader for Delicious Tasting Food.

Season 2, Ep. 11
Let Me Introduce you to Marlena Spieler, the food writer whostarted to chat with me one day on a train from London to Bristol , and then encouraged me to join the Guild of Food Writers .Marlena has produced more than 70 cookbooks as well as contributing to Bon Appétit,Saveurand theSan Francisco Chroniclefood column "The Roving Feast."Her interest and curiosity about food has seen her write on Jewish food and culture, potatoes, barbecuing or 'grilling' as she would say,and she wrote the deliciously titled'Grilled Cheese- 50 recipes to make you melt !!'She has travelled to understand and experience food from China, to Naplesand was asked to be an ambassador for the UN Year of the Potato conference in Peru.We talk about misconceptions about Mexican food in this countryAbout pizza and its Unesco Heritage status, and generally naming of recipes respecting and honouring the culture and original recipe .... and her opinion on cauliflower crusts and pineapple on pizzasCooking, writing great recipes, having to relearn her skills all over after a very bad accident 10 years ago.Stories about recipes and ingredients that people share and the memories they evoke for everyone involved when you read that recipe or make it again.Her Jewish Heritage book and how those traditional recipes changed as communities moved across the globe.Eating with others and sharing food cooked from their heart, and the care that shows that they have for you and how special that food tastes when you eat it.Growing up in Sacramento, how he parents tried not to eat the food of her heritage and culture, but to conform and become more 'American' and how a trip to Israel lit her imagination about food and really led her to move away art to food and write her first cookbook.She talks about reading about Anthony Bourdain the great chef, and then going back and reading many of his books again.Her memories of Thanksgivings and her favourite meals eaten at that time of year.And what she would take to a desert island with her....She is currently writing a memoir. which I know will be filled with fun anecdotes, great food combinations and incredible knowledge and information about food as well as a life well travelled.Her excitement about food, cooking , recipe writing and sharing recipes and food with others is palpable in every word she speaks.