Fresh Banter (formerly Let Me Introduce You with Jane Milton)


Fresh Banter with David Koenig-Green, Food Technologist and Founder of Food Industry Support

Season 3, Ep. 9

Fresh Banter with David Koenig- Green, Food technologist , BRCGS and SALSA consultant….and no, that is not a dance or a tomato based sauce!


David is our go to technologist within the business because he can distil down a seemingly complicated issue into a few actions you need to take in order to become compliant or for best practice.  We have been working with him for close to 14 years .


We love working alongside him on label wording and layout , trying to strike a balance between what we must say, can’t say and would really like to say – so we get a legal label that uses the best of good practice to make it easy for consumers to understand and with enough marketing to help the product sell


Hear what the Christmas present was that shaped David’s career ….


What food he can never get too much of …


What products and categories he thinks we will see more development and growth in this year


What advice he would give to others starting their own consultancy as a food technologist



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Fresh Banter with Darren Foley, Founder of FLY the Boutique Brand and Design Consultancy

Season 3, Ep. 8
Fresh Banter with  Darren Foley Founder of FLY boutique brand and design agency Darren and I were introduced many years ago when he joined my Fresh Banter mastermind group and he is still part of a tight knit group that developed from that.It’s invaluable for business owners and leaders to have somewhere they can:discuss issues with peers,learn from othersexpect honest answers to difficult questions. Having left school, a friend suggested he may want to apply to be a junior designer in her work place and as soon as he went there he knew he had found his tribe! He spends time now talking about careers in design to younger people to help them understand all the opportunities that creative industries offer. Darren loves working with food and drink brands and has recently taken a non exec directorship at Soda Folk – he relishes being involved from every angle of the business and adding value throughout. He’d like to think people can see his integrity and depth of knowledge, and that in turn builds their trust in what he can deliver for them. He talks about:Whether challenger and icon are the most useful ways to describe businessesHow he values a business partner he can bounce ideas off,We laugh about what our Mums think about the work we do. Darren loves to be around positive creative people and to have access to nature and outdoor space. He has some good advice for people starting out and his list of things you can never get ‘too much’ of is extensive. Wherever you are listening, I know you will enjoy this podcast and get something that resonates from it too.

Fresh Banter with Lorna Davidson, Founder & CEO at

Season 3, Ep. 7
Fresh Banter with Lorna Davidson , CEO and founder of Red Wigwam , a flexible work booking platform serving workers and hirers and allowing both parties to be in control of the way they work , but allowing the workers the security of PAYE, pensions etc …. She has over 200,000 workers registered after just over 4 years . Red Wigwam matches workers to jobs in their area that require the skills they have and workers can book whichever jobs they wish. Lorna is an entrepreneur who loves growing businesses and with a strong sales background from Kelloggs and then Mars , She first created Tactical Solutions a field sales business that she sold after 13 years of profitable growth.  Somewhere in among all that Lorna also managed to fit in having 3 children , 2 of whom work with her at Red Wigwam. Lorna thinks that people may often underestimate her knowledge and skills when they first meet her, but once they get into conversation they quickly realise that Lorna certainly knows her way round her business. Lorna is an avid reader, and will ready just about anything – it’s one of her favourite ways to switch off. Somebody challenged her recently to think of 100 things she really wants to do. She says it has been an incredible exercise in making her think about what and why she wants things and so far she only has 68 items on her list … She really believes work should be fun and that everyone should enjoy the time they spend working and be able to have fun too …That’s been at the heart of both the businesses she has launched and grown and so certainly seems to serve her well. She has a really great tip for anyone starting their own business , one that really could transform that business. Let Me introduce you to Lorna Davidson, I think you are going to really enjoy the conversation and pick up some real gems of advice too