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Chris Sissons, Telling Stories: Making Business

Season 2022, Ep. 7

In this episode, Ladey Adey talks with Chris Sissons.

Chris is a Book Academy member, Ladey and Chris talk about their shared love for books.

Chris is a marketer and lover of storytelling, he shares an insight into how he supports people to use storytelling techniques within business. Chris invites people to "Try me out with Telling Stories: Making Business"

His bio says: "Chris uses a developmental approach to marketing using stories, drawing on over thirty years' experience in economic regeneration, community planning, strategic management and

participatory methods. These days local marketing can be supported online to even greater effect using websites, social media, mobile phones, emails and others.

Chris guides you through the pitfalls and help you build your own strategies based on your business narrative, using approaches like referral marketing, networking, product

development and launches.

He helps you work out your strategy, the resources you need and how to get them. Local businesses and organisations need the most economic approaches and so I am mindful of

the constraints on your resources."

Chris' Tips on writing books: Write about becoming aware of reality – the world does not revolve around you but it does have a perspective different from yours. You’re welcome to argue or embrace … or both.

Chris' Favourite Quote: "Sin, young man, is when you treat people like things. Including yourself. That's what sin is." Granny Weatherwax via Terry Pratchet

Books mentioned in this podcast

Audiobooks by Michael Heizer

A Spotter’s Guide to Countryside Mysteries: From Piddocks and Lynchets to Witch’s Broom

By John Wright

Terry Pratchett Discworld novels

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Gerry O'Brien, his book challenge and Wildlife Whispers

Season 2022, Ep. 13
In this episode, Ladey Adey is joined by book lover Gerry O'Brien who has set himself a reading challenge. After discovering he only read 9 books last year, Gerry set himself a goal of reading 40 books this year. Gerry talks of his former military role. He is now a Forest Ranger, Environmental Educator, and Conservation Consultant. In this interview 10 books are mentioned:Flowers For Algernon - Daniel KeysThe Call of the Wild - Jack LondonOn Writing: A Memoir of the Craft - Stephen KingThe Guardians - John GrishamSilent Earth: Averting the Insect Apocalypse - Dave GoulsonVesper Flights - Helen McDonaldSpartacus the Gladiator - Ben KaneThe Darkness – Ragnor JonassonRanger 22: Lessons from the Front – Ray GogginsRun with the Wind – Tom McCaughrenGerry lives in the Forest of Dean with his daughter and an owl called “The Professor”. As a member of the Book Academy, both Gerry and the Professor are regular visitors!Gerry’s book Wildlife Whispers is due to be published in September 2022. An exciting book in which Gerry asks "Where can the whispers of your soul take you?"For him and his travelling companion, it leads to worldwide travel exploits, from the green fields of rural Ireland to the tropical forests of Borneo and Bali, across the diverse landscapes of Australia and so much more.The book will be peppered with animal facts and unique hand-drawn sketches of the creatures he meets. We will be delighted to see it once it is released. Quote mentioned "To a man with imagination, a map is a window to adventure" - Sir Francis ChichesterUseful linksGuest: Gerry O'BrienWebsite: Book/author mentioned: Tom McCaughren - Ladey Adey: Book Academy: Vicky Galbraith - Podcast VA: